Make certain you use your contacts as prescribed. Do not wear them for longer compared to they are designed for, and ensure that you comply with washing instructions for best results. For prolonged wear lenses surface protein build up can be troublesome and consequently lenses should be cleansed often with the proper eye-wash solution.
It is practically an everyday incident that something ends up getting into our eyes. Possibly we put on spectacles, sunglasses, call lenses, or perhaps we get tired and wipe our eyes a whole lot.
No matter the reason for it happening it is essential to look after your contact lenses. As an example, if you are putting on contact lenses everyday and you do not persevere with regularly cleansing the lens prior to putting it into your eye, you could experience continuous irritation throughout the day.
So it is ideally advised to consistently have an extra container of washing solution on your person for the times that you need it while out. Before you try to place contact lenses into your eye, you must take care to clean you hands and the lenses.
To wash a lens, just position it in the hand of you left hand. Squirt a little contact lens cleaning solution onto it and swirl it around with your forefinger. Then put the contact lens onto your appropriate forefinger, dump the solution in your palm into a hollow shape you make, and you prepared to to do the cleaning. Just washing your contact lenses in water is not reckoned to be enough to keep eye infections in check.
Experts advise decontaminating the lenses to avoid any eye issues. An appropriate disinfectant can be used to remove almost all kinds of germs and this lowers your opportunities of eye infection. On top of that, during the night time, you need to clean your fingers and completely dry them with a tidy towel or tissue paper. Tissue is recommended because is most likely to be cleaner compared to a towel.
When cleansing and decontaminating your contact lenses, to make use of already used “stale” solution for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses is a complete no-no. It is essential to utilize fresh lens cleaner when making use of cleansing and cleaning remedies. If you think that you merely should take care of contact lenses to cut back the chances of eye infection, you are missing out on something.
It will help you deal with the contact lens case too. Almost always the germs responsible for eye virus stay in the contact lens surface lens. Do not make the blunder of washing your contact lens case with tap water. Consistently wash the case with a sterile contact lens solution alone.
Keep that in mind whenever you wear the contacts, that they must be washed prior to all occasions that they are placed in the eyes. Besides, you should also take care that you do not use them for a long period of time.
Not all lens cleaning solutions are suitable for use with contact lenses so always read what it says on the the packet before using it.

Questions and Answers

I cant find Lens plus contact cleaning solution ?This is what i am looking for Http://…i cant find that any wheres it just disapeared if any body knows were i can buy it online please tell me THANKS.
Posted by Robert L
Dan MoleI have searched all over too and it’s the only solution that I can use. I would like to know as well – have they quit making it? Thanks!

Is it okay to use disc cleaning solution on a blu-ray lens?I need to fix my PS3, but I cannot find any lens cleaning solution in any store. Left with not many other options, I might try to clean the lens with a lens cleaning solution. Is this safe? No my Ps3 is out of warranty. And I mean the liquid you use do clean scratched or dirty discs that don’t work anymore.

Posted by Solid S
Dan MoleIf you mean the things where you put a “cleaning” disc in there and it supposedly cleans the lens, avoid that. You don’t want something spinning and touching the lens at the same time, that can scratch it.If your ps3 is still under warranty, the lens won’t need cleaning unless you introduced foreign material. If it’s not under warranty, buy a Torx screwdriver, find an online step-by-step manual for disassembly of the ps3, then open the BD drive and clean the lens with a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

Substitute for Contact Lens Cleaning solution….?I am currently out of USA, and ran out of my contact lens cleaner( opti-free) solution. Believe it or not , I will have to go 100 miles to get it, but in the meanwhile is there anything I can use to substitute the cleaner so my contacts won`t dry out. Please help….and thanx in advance.

Posted by faisy26
Dan MoleThere is unfortunately no substitute for the lens cleaner solution. I don’t agree with what the previous person had stated as there is no guarantee that the salt that you put in will have good sterility. The other issue is that even if you boil the water there are other chemicals in the water that would not be safe to put in your eye. Also, you have no way of putting the proper amount of salt in the water. If you put too much you will end up damaging your eyes as it will draw water out of your eyes. You will have to stop using contacts, or get new solution.Optometrist.

DVD-lens-cleanerYou do need to clean CDs and DVD discs up from time to time, and you should do that by wiping both sides carefully with a clean cloth (preferably a microfiber type as the are the most effective to use).

If a simple wiping does not sure the problem, there may still be dirt present or the shiny surface may be too scratched for the DVD playing device to read it. If there is persistent dirt this is usually visible and can be removed using either a lens cleaning solution (a fluid which the manufacturer supplies for that purpose).

Sometimes, the DVD will continue to lock-up or act weirdly (we have one which kept losing the sound!).

When this happens, and the DVD disc is clean and not visibly damaged, it is time to consider that the DVD playing device may be causing the problem, and clean that.

Using a DVD Lens Cleaner

The basic technology is the same between the DVD (or CD) drive in your computer, and a DVD Player which plays videos on your TV etc., and this may be the cause of a DVD which won’t play back properly without causing problems.

Let’s lump all types of DVD playing devices together and call them DVD drives for the purpose of this article. The fact is that a DVD drive in a DVD player, PC or a Laptop or anything else, also has a lens which focuses an intense laser light beam on to the surface of the DVD to read the data on it.

If the lens gets dirty, it will at first just affect the performance of the drive but eventually as more dirt accumulates it will cause problems. (A lens is simply an optical device which transmits and refracts light, converging or diverging the beam.)

DVD lens cleaners, often found for sale where you buy DVDs, are used as a DIY method to clean the lens in a DVD drive.

They comprise a disk that contains some type of a bristled brush which cleans across the laser assembly, wiping the dust off the lens. Simply insert the DVD lens cleaning disk and use it as if it was a DVD (or CD) disc.

They are worth trying if you have persistent problems, but many say that they not very reliable and a poor quality, or dirty, one could tend to do more damage than good. A DVD lens cleaner usually has micro-fibre bristles.

DVD Problem Troubleshooting

If you are getting random freezing on DVDs, and it may not be occurring every time, the problem is most likely a slightly damaged DVD disc. This is quite common with hire disc, and we have seen it with Netflix discs.

As player get older they may be more prone to this, but cleaning the lens may help and is generally worth trying. The lazer lamp itself may also fail, but if it is the laser the DVD drive probably won’t read the disc at all, and will not recognize that a disc has been inserted. A DVD lens cleaner system, which costs around $15.

Regular cleaning of DVD discs is important because dust in the air, and the everyday handling of DVDs, can create buildup on the side of the discs where data is stored. This buildup can transfer from the discs to the recorder or player’s optical laser lens causing data errors, skipping and other problems. The best DVD Lens Cleaners provide step-by-step interactive instructions with intuitive on-screen menus that walk you through the cleaning process. Simply insert these types of DVD lens cleaner disc into the device, select “Lens Cleaner” from the on-screen menu, and in a few seconds the screen displays “Cleaning is Complete”.

The cleaning process is simple and fast. Summary A worn or dirty DVD (or CD) disc can cause these random issues with movie playback freezing, so always clean the disc you are using first if this happens. If this does not solve the problem the disc itself may be physically damaged so look in the light to see if the disc is scratched.

It is usually the disc which is dmaged, but it is possible the problem is from a dirty DVD drive lens. Regular cleaning of your DVD player’s lens with a cleaning disc should ensure optimum performance of your equipment. It is indeed important to keep a DVD player optical laser lens clean and dust free from dust, debris and other contaminants.

Very Important: DVD drive lens cleaners are only meant to clean the lens of players where the lens is not dead. If the lens of your DVD playback device is dead you will have to get the lens replaced at a service station.

Maintaining and properly caring for your DVD player is essential if you want to extend the life of the device. A DVD lens cleaner system, which costs around $15, is one way to care for your DVD player.

Questions and Answers

Can i use a CD lens cleaner in a DVD writer ?Please elaborate on the details of it n Why ?

Posted by cool_fool
Dan MoleOf course yes you can because the DVD writer has a lens in reading such CDs. Even other machines that uses lens can also be cleaned. (i.e. Dvd player, etc.). It is much safer to use a CD/DVD cleaner than touching the lens using cotton.

How does a DVD lens cleaner work?I see pics of these things but never used one,they look similar to the ‘wet’ type VHS cleaning tape that had a bottle of cleaning fluid that you squeezed a couple of drops onto a tape and insert and play for 15 seconds,does the DVD cleaner work the same? How would you apply cleaning fluid to a disk, that doesnt seem to make sense it would just run off wouldn’t it as the disk has a smooth surface?

Posted by Full Metal Rooster
Dan MoleEvery lens cleaner has this small brush glued into it which would act as a cleaner as it swipes the dust off your lens.That’s basically how it works. Just don’t use it that often though. It may also damage your player.

DVD player lens cleaner?The same way as DVD player needs cleanup with a lens cleaner, do we need to clean the DVD drive in our computer?

Posted by bintu
Dan MoleYes you do need to clean it up from time to time. The basic technology is the same between a dvd drive and a dvd player. The dvd drive in your computer ( a PC or a Laptop ) also has a lens , which focuses intense laser on to the surface of a DVD. If the lens gets dirtied up , it will always affect the performance of the drive . Be it a DVD player of a DVD rom drive in your computer.In short, its better if you clean the lens using a quality lens cleaner from time to time. Hope that helped.

Review of the Digital Innovations Brand SkipDr Laser Lens …

Anti static lens imageIt is worth buying a lens cleaner which is also described to be an “anti static” lens cleaner . Anti fog lens cleaners also have anti-static characteristics and the technology has been proven to work in the most extreme conditions including during Mt. Everest and Antarctica expeditions, and when put to military use on night vision goggles. In general, it is possible to find “anti static” lens cleaners (like the LenPre lens cleaner) which are suitable for use on any plastic or glass surfaces, including polycarbonate lenses with special coatings including anti-scratch, polarized and anti-reflective coatings, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Anti Static Lens Cleaner is All About Electrical Charge

Anti static” lens cleaners leave a tiny residue after they have been used to clean a lens, on the surface of the lens. The effect of those molecules is to dissipate the build-up of a static charge which occurs when a surface is very clean. The static charge, if allowed to be present after cleaning with any non anti-static lens cleaner, tends to attract the dirt molecules in the air (for example from smoking or minor air pollution/ the air in our homes and workplaces) onto the lens surface. Anti-static treated lenses don’t hold enough static electrical charge to attract dirt from the air onto their surfaces, and that means that they stay cleaner for longer. Often, they stay clean for a lot longer.

Anti static lens cleaner can be bought which work great on everything from safety glasses, helmet visors, computer screens, TV’s, to Ipads, Iphones, jewelry, horse tack, scopes, and binoculars, and much more

Anti Static Lens Cleaners – Summary

Anti static lens cleaner helps get ride of the static which attracts dusts and debris on lens.

With the prices of commodities rising all the time, preserving what we have has become more important than ever before. Paying attention to ensuring that anti-static lens cleaners are used in your home helps us to ensure that we are all taking adequate care of our personal things in the appropriate manner without wasting precious money, so ensuring that we don’t have to replace our lenses often is important. Using anti-static lens cleaner is in-line with that principle.

If you are getting constant dirty disk errors from a DVD you own, what do you have to loose, give Anti Static Lens Cleaners a try. There are products available which clean and prevent glass or plastic from fogging, attracting dust and small particulates to the treated surfaces. In addition, some manufacturers inclue a gel which fills in minor scratches.

If you are getting constant dirty DVD disk errors, what do you have to lose? Give cleaning with anti-static lens cleaner a try! The majority of the drives will not really be dirty, there will be another problem, and cleaning them will not fix the problem, because old DVD drives are prone to getting out of adjustment or the lazer just getting weak. However, if your DVD drive/ player is constantly in a smoke filled environment, cleaning may be the answer.

Questions and Answers

How can i clean the lense of my PS2?

Posted by Beersch

Dan MoleHttp://…

PS2 Laser Cleaning Instructions with Dry Clean Cloth and Windex

Cleaning the lens also applies to Play Station and other laser lenses

You may or may not need to replace your laser lens because most the time it just needs cleaning. Those CD Lens cleaners do not work that well, they just get off the dust (I have used the Air Can method and it just gets the dust off, but if if you have smut on the lens then try these instructions). You need to open up the cover then take off the DVD cover (4 small Philips screws, if you use the Flip Top Cover then you are in luck as the lens can be cleaned by simply opening the flip top cover). Then clean it with Eye Glasses Cleaning Fluid or Cloth is best and if you don’t have that then Windex or something that will not leave streaks (Don’t use soap) and use a clean cloth that will not leave fibers. A facial tissue will leave fibers but you can still use facial tissue, you just have to inspect it afterwards with a Magnifying lens and make sure there are no fibers or other smut on the lens. No matter what you use, check it with a Magnifying lens afterwards and keep wiping it clean until it is clear. Then if that does not work, then the lens either needs adjustment, and if adjustment doesn’t work then it needs replacement. I had a PS2 version 4, that everybody told me I needed a new lens because it could read every disc. It could read the originals and backups except for my GameShark disc. I opened it up and looked at the lens and it was totally full of smut. That is why it is best to get a CDROM cleaning kit like we well for $4.95 of $6 when you buy our DVD&Cleaning Kit combos, or I found easier is these cleaning cloths that I sell that are anti static and don’t leave fibers. Most time you just need to wipe off the disc each time before you play them unless it has smut then you need to use a CDROM cleaning kit (we sell those also). Recordable backup disc especially need cleaning, for some reason they pick up smut and dust easier then the originals. If it is just dust then the Air Can’s work well.

Always grip the disc with your fingers by the sides or the center hub and never touch the surface. Don’t leave the discs out to collect dust, always put them back in the jewel case, or library case when you are done with them. Don’t set things on top of them.

Although the lens can read through scratches, it may not be able to read though deep scratches. If you have any CD, DVD, whether it be a DATA, Audio or Play Station we may be able to repair it for you by buffing out the scratches. In most cases it will work but is not a 100% guarantee that we can repair the disc. Just mail us the disc(s) along with $3 for each disc and $4.95 USPS Priority Shipping and Handling and we will repair the disc(s). If the disc(s) can not be repaired we will refund the $3 for each disc(s) that can not be repaired. You can also pay by credit card, just put the name of the cardholder, the credit card number and expiration date along with your name and address to ship the disc(s) back too. Mail to:

Saveware, 339 Harlem Ave Dept 103, Glenview IL 60025

P.S. If you are concerned about loss or damage in transit then add Insurance and send $1 extra and we will also send back insured. Make sure you note that with the letter you send us.

Can i use a pre moitened lens cleaning wipe to clean a game disc? Its anti static anti fog?

Posted by Jeremy

Dan MoleMaybe. Would know better if I knew what “pre moitened” was.

How to clean a camera lens?I have a cannon rebel that I got from ebay and the lens is dirty, I orderd a cleaning kit, but it looks like a pen, one side is a brush and I have no idea what the other side does it looks like flat rubber but when i ran across a piece of paper it left a black trail? How do i use this thing or what can I use around the house to get these smudges off?

Posted by kelli c

Dan MoleI use to sell Cameras I now operate broadcast cameras and really all you need is an anti static cleaning cloth (microfibre) you can pick them up at either your local supermarket / grocery food store or electronic or car stores.

Wii Lens Cleaning Kit Saved My Wii!

Homemade leans cleanerEyeglasses are a significant monetary investment. It is not a good idea to use any fabric that may be lying around, or any cleaning solution, to clean smears from your eyeglass lenses, or any other lenses for that matter.

Think about just how much it would cost to replace them, and you will concur that you would not wish to take a chance on scraping or in any other way harming your lenses.

Is Using a Homemade Lens Cleaner Really Such a Good Idea?

Proprietary lens cleaners are far more pricey than lens cleaning fluids you can make quickly in the house, however they are less time consuming. Making your very own homemade lens cleaner is easy, a lot of people do make their own.

The ingredients needed to make a homemade lens cleaner fluid are typically easily offered in your own kitchen. However, we do not advise that you make and utilize them, after all how can you make sure that they will not harm your lenses?

It is an unassailable fact that lenses have to be cleaned routinely, even though eyeglasses could appear unblemished to the naked eye, they will get unclean and they do need frequent cleaning daily. Dust bits and general pollutants from the air around us develop on eyeglasses, and all other kinds of lenses all the time. Though these things could not always show up, they still affect your vision / the lenses capability to carry out at its best. Keeping your eyeglasses correctly cleaned will help you see better and help to avoid headaches that can be set off by eye strain. Industrial eyeglass cleaners cost a variety of various prices, but they typically consist of comparable ingredients.

Typical family rubbing alcohol and water will make your very own solution that will rival any store-bought brand. However, do ensure the spray bottle is clean prior to you begin. Even if you have bought the container brand-new, put in the time to clean it in hot, soapy water, and wash it well. Keeping your DVD (or CD) player’s laser lens clean is important, but you might question exactly what the distinction is in the myriad of lens cleaning CD’s available today.

Ensuring that you will not harm your gadget through the use of such an item is priority top. It is not typically possible to make your own DVD (or CD) cleaner in your home. The use of an anti-reflective finish, or AR, on optical devices has actually become progressively popular, but makers and professionals encourage against the use of cleaning them with lens cleaners which contain ammonia. A lot of prescribed eyeglasses and sunglasses now have anti reflective coatings applied, and so do lots of screens. Take care about this if you use a homemade lens cleaner.

Questions and Answers

How can i maintain a contact lens ?

Posted by bala m
Dan MoleMaintain a contact lens : 1. Listen to your doctor and follow his or her directions about cleaning your lens properly. 2. Never use saliva as a means to lubricate your lenses. Never use saliva at any time on your lens. Your mouth can carry germs that can damage your eye. 3. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. Keep perfumed soaps out of the picture. Perfumes are not meant to put in the eye. 4. Cleanse, rinse and disinfect your lenses after you remove them and again before wearing them. It may seem repetitive and unnecessary but it must happen in order to prevent eye damage. 5. Know your products, not all solutions can be mixed nor are all solutions alike. Some solutions are created as multipurpose solutions and can perform most of the necessary steps if they are used as directed. Use only the products your doctor recommends. If something new comes on the market call and check with a physician before you buy and use the product on your contact lens. Do not mix different brands. 6. Sterilization is key. Never use tap water, homemade saline products or distilled water on your contacts. 7. Protect your solutions from contamination. Do not allow the bottle tip to touch another surface including the contact lens itself. If a bottle is outdated (check the label) throw it away. 8. Keep your lens case clean. Get in the habit of cleaning, rinsing and air-drying your case after you put in your contacts. Bacteria growth can occur in the case and attach it self to the lens and your hands. Never re-use left over solutions that have been used previously in the case. Be safe and always clean, rinse and air-dry the case. Use warm water to accomplish this. 9. Disposable lenses should be thrown away as directed. Do not attempt to clean and disinfect them in order to re-use them. Disposables are not meant or designed for re-use. 10. Consult your eye doctor if you feel the need to use eye drops. He or she can recommend the proper brand. Do not diagnose your self.
Can I store my contacts in EXPIRED but UNOPENED “Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops (eye drops) Solution?I’m in a bit of an odd situation. I am in a 3rd world country that doesn’t have 24/7 places to buy lens solution, etc. So I had to wear disposable contacts today, and I don’t have a case nor any solution to store them in. But I found an unopened bottle of eye drops. Can I store my lens in 2 plastic cups covered in wrap, with these eye drops as a substitute for contact lens solution? Any quick and helpful response is MUCH appreciated!!

Posted by Hebrews 10:35-39
Dan MoleNo, Blink N Clean is a rewetting eye drop, should only be used with contact lens on the eyes when contacts feel dry. NEVER store soft contact lenses in water (of any kinds) or homemade saline. You must use a contact lens solution (such as Optifree) because such solution has the disinfectant to kill miro-organisms such bacteria, fungi,that are often associate with contact lens wear. Water won’t disinfect the lens! Avoid the use of water with soft contact lens, you can get a very bad eye infection (acanthomeba), very difficult to treat, and you can end up losing vision permanently.
Dropped contact lens on floor at school rinsed it with water?I rinsed the contact with tap water for like 10 seconds about 1 day ago because i did not have any solution at school with me.. And now my eye that it feel out of hurts like hell is it possible it can be an infection in it? And the other eye is fine just the eye that the contact fell out hurts :/ Umm Monthlys and how do i look for a tear or rip.

Posted by ♥Crew Love♥
Dan MoleWater is not intended to clean up your contact lenses from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Worst is water may contain these elements or encourage such biodiversity.What could have happen if you wash your contacts with water?Your contacts create a thin biofilm, which is a breeding ground for microbial communities. Bio roots from the word life. Water is beneficial to life but not all life forms benefits us. It means that your contacts will encourage more bacteria and fungi. Think of your contacts as playground for bacteria.The most threatening water life form is an amoeba called Acanthamoeba. This bacteria is present everywhere. It can be found in water whether tap, oceans, lakes, distilled and chlorinated. It is also found everywhere on your nasal passage (without causing harm to you), on air, and soil. And it definitely loves dirty contact lenses! Acanthamoeba keratitis is a disease caused by this amoeba. You will need several corneal transplants to salvage your eye from total blindness. If you’re not lucky, it can make your eyeball rot. Http://… Acanthamoeba Video More than 90% of people afflicted with Acanthamoeba keratitis are contact lenses user. People who washed their contacts in water and who used homemade saline solution. Or people who refused to be responsible with their contacts. So if you happen to be at the most obscure location and you forgot to bring your saline solution, you better find a pharmacy or throw them away. Remove your lenses before bathing or swimming. You can obtain prescription goggles as a substitute. Also keep a handy wet facial tissue if you cannot avoid washing your face in a public washroom.

Philips Laser Lens Cleaner – Track 1

Zeiss lens cleaning imageZeiss Lens Cleaner uses a specially formulated highly technologically made fluid to swiftly clean all lens surfaces without the danger of damage to vulnerable finishes, specifically those with Zeiss anti-reflective multi-layer layers.

To clean just about any optical surface area, put Zeiss Lens Cleaning Fluid on a cleaning fabric and delicately clean the lens surface. Then, you will see finger prints, spots, dirt and oils rapidly vanish, is what they state about this brand name of lens and eyeglass cleaner. Understand though that Zeiss Lens Cleaner Fluid ought to never be sprayed directly on to any lens surface.

The ammonia-free Zeiss Lens Cleaner is produced to a high tech formula that quickly cleans all lens surfaces without danger of damage to fragile coverings, especially those with anti-reflective multi-layer finishes.

To clean any optical surface, use Zeiss Lens Cleaning Fluid to a cleaning cloth and delicately wipe the lens surface, and watch fingerprints, spots, dirt and oils fade away! 3 oz spray bottle. But only use it with a soft cleaning fabric. We have actually made use of a cloth slightly moistened with Zeiss lens and eyeglass cleaner half a lots times on 3GS screens, with great results.

To make use of the Zeiss Cleaning Fluid, very first remove any loose dust or dirt from the surface to be cleaned, making use of a soft brush or air blower. The pump spray bottle permits you to spray the cleaning fluid gently onto a soft cloth, ideally cotton.

Do not saturate the fabric. The moistened cloth is then utilized to wipe the spots off the optical surface area, utilizing gentle round strokes. A second clean and soft dry cotton fabric need to be used to wipe the surface area dry.

Do not spray the fluid directly onto your eyepieces, telescope lenses, binocular lenses, etc, as the fluid can be wicked into the spaces in between the lenses by capillary action, possibly messing up the optics.

Constantly lightly dampen a soft fabric with the fluid and make use of the cloth to do the real cleaning.
You can preserve and clean binoculars, cams, or other lenses with this lens cleaning fluid from Zeiss. This specifically created lens solution is ideal for cleaning dust, fingerprints, and dirt from lenses and can be made use of to clean regular lenses along with those lenses that have an anti-reflective coating.

The ammonia-free formula is stated to contain isopropanol and is available in a bottle with pump spray atomizer that is of a size which is just right to slip into a camera bag. Likewise, what do you make use of to clean the touchscreen?

I have some lens cleaner from my eye doctor that’s implied especially for anti-reflective covering on glasses that I thought might work, however I don’t wish to utilize anything that may injure the coating. The answer is that we use Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes.

These wipes never ever caused us any issues however to be safe I do make sure to clean the screens just when in sleep mode. There are 50 in a box and they cost about $3.00 – $4.00 per box.

Now you can guarantee that your lens surface is clean from smudges, dirt and oil by routine use of the Zeiss Lens Cleaner. This extremely applauded formula-made state-of-the-art fluid cleans all surfaces without a substantial danger of damage to delicate layers.

lens cleaner and clean eyeglassesEyeglasses are a help for individuals with poor vision, however just recently, they have advanced to end up being a fashion statement. It ares essential to maintain and clean them if you not just wish to shield your vision from any damage, and look great.
The wearer of dirty glasses appears like a mess! So, that have to be prevented. In this article we chose to take a look at Eyeglass Cleaners. In truth, lens Cleaner Sprays based upon scrubing liquor, do a pretty good task at this.
Plus, it’s simply way more enjoyable to look out through nice clean lenses. So, if you’re right here to learn ways to clean eyeglasses that are prescribed or if you just want to know how to clean sunglasses (the technique is the very same), this post is for you.
First, there is a homemade eyeglass cleaning solution and the answer is remarkably basic. 1 part water, 1 part scrubing liquor, 1 drop soap, but few people wish to mess around making this. You can purchase 24 E-wipes from Amazon. They are foil wrapped non lint pads filled with methanol and made for cleaning lenses. I have actually not utilized them yet, however rubbing alochol based items are my preferred lens cleaning agent. They make use of the exact same MSDS as the Eclipse fluid. There are bulk packs of single use lens cleaners for eyeglasses that you can get.
The expense is about 4 cents per packet. We recommend that you use them for travel. Nevertheless, to clean the lenses, you can utilize a light liquor clean like these on the screen, but steer clear of the soapy hand wipes. Many people enjoy these wipes, they are not over-moist and dry promptly.

Cleaning Eyeglasses – The Right Lens Cleaners

Never ever clean your lenses when they are dry. Always make use of one of the cleaning methods explained below otherwise your lenses will get scratched no matter how careful you are. Dust and dirt fragments do unavoidably accumulate on your glasses with time.
Facial oils and the environment around you apply a sticky layer of substance to the glasses that swiftly draws in dust and dirt particles. These bits get transferred to the lenses when cleaning them no matter exactly how soft or clean the fabric is. The bits get caught in different put on your glasses that include the groove between the frame and lens, around the nose pad area and normally any area that isn’t really reached during typical cleaning with a lens cleaning spray and fabric.
When I got my very first eyeglasses the trouble was that I could not figure out an excellent cleaning strategy. Number one, I attempted washing my glasses with running water then drying them up with towels. That didn’t work so well for the grease and the towels made from either cloth or paper) would leave tons of lint on my glasses.
So, I bought an expert microfiber cloth, the same kind that I make use of for cleaning photo lenses, and some isopropyl liquor (isopropanol), the things that they put in those overpriced “lens cleaning kits” you’ll find in the photography section of your electronics save. That was an excellent option really, although not totally perfect – however what ever is?.While the cost of glasses is an element, caring for and cleaning glasses is important for other reasons too. Perhaps the most significant of these is the reality that you need to wear those things on your face all the time, every day.
If you’re walking around with greasy, dirty, nasty eyeglasses, well, that’s simply gross. The grease build-up on the bridge of your frames and on the nose pieces, aside from being easily obvious by others, can trigger black heads and clogged pores. Cleaning is necessary to keep your vision clear when you use eyeglasses. Extend the life of your eyeglasses by entering a cleaning regimen.
Glasses are simple to overlook and consider given, but your vision will suffer once your eyeglasses turn from unclean to permanently scratched. Although it is simple to mess up a pair of glasses if you are negligent, it s even easier to keep glasses effectively.
Don’t be lured to clean your eyeglasses on the bottom of your T-shirt. It will not work. In truth, it may make the smudges on your eyeglasses worse. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth dedicated for your eyeglasses only. If used on other surfaces, the fabric will get fragments that might move to your glasses, making the possibility of scratches greater.
Materials that are not made from microfiber are usually too abrasive for the sensitive nature of eyeglass lenses. They nearly give a sandblasting effect, scraping the lenses over time. Some people don’t really know ways to manage their eyeglasses or how to clean eyeglasses. There are some essential things to think about for cleaning eyeglasses.
Let us supply you with the best pointers on how to clean eyeglasses for the twenty-twenty. Your eyeglasses would eventually collect dirt or dust which may cause inflammation for viewing or can even be hazardous for your eyes. Best means to clean eyeglasses is to clean your lenses daily with soap and warm water. Wash your lenses gently and carefully. When drying your eyeglasses, always use a soft cleaning fabric which has the glasses.
It is better to keep an extra soft cleaning cloth just for the drying your eyeglasses. Use the fabric very carefully to dry your eyeglasses completely. Properly cleaning eyeglasses helps lower scratches. Fewer scratches indicates less regular need to replace lenses and lower expenses associated with eyeglasses. That definitely is consistent with my strategy for penny-wise living.
Exactly how about yours? I did have a close friend who thought that he kept his glasses clean without scratching them in a celver means. He stated that he washed his glasses whenever he take a shower, in the shower spray. You can utilize a similar strategy in the sink, however it isn’t advised and it is extremely simple to smash glasses if they are nearby when you leave the shower and begin blundering around searching for them.
A quality eyeglass cleaner, not only will clean your glasses very well, but will not harm them) Yes, I am referring especially to lens cleaning methods.

Questions and Answers

Prescription eyeglasses tips?I just got glasses and i was just wondering if you have any helpful tips for me?? Thanks to anyone that can help!:)

Dan MoleDo not take your glasses off with one hand. Instead, use two hands when taking them off. If you use one hand, you put more pressure on one side of the temple arms and they are more likely to break.Clean your lenses with a lens cloth or other microfiber towel. Do not use any paper product to clean them. You will scratch your lenses. If it was a tree, it shouldn’t be used on your lenses.
I don’t know if you have any Anti-reflective on your lenses (this will reduce glare from headlights, computer screens, things like that). If you do, do not use dish soap to clean your lenses. Lens cleaners and water are fine, but dish soap can cause the coating to delaminate.
Also, if you have AR, try to keep it away from heat (such as a blow dryer). This can also cause the coating to delaminate since AR is heat sensitive. It is preferred you store your lenses in a container, preferably a hard case, when you are not wearing them.
I recently had someone come in with their broken glasses because her husband had accidentally placed his large suitcase on her glasses…which were in a soft case. Should you need any adjustments, screws replaced, nosepads replaced, or lenses put back in, you can visit any eyecare place and have it fixed, typically for little or no charge. =)

Which sort of LENS should be easier to wear for my Rx?I am seeing my optometrist to update my eyeglasses-Rx soon.I currently wear simple bifocal glasses (one eye is Far-sighted and the other is Near-sighted.) I DID wear Contact lenses three years ago to remedy my near / far-sighted visions. – I am considering to return to wearing contact lenses with my upcoming Rx. The 2 years I wore contacts, I had THE COMMON ISSUES of dry eyes, irritated / red eyes, which made returning to framed lenses a better choice at that time (2010.) Is the Contact lens technology THAT MUCH IMPROVED since 2010? My vision will very-likely be improved with Toric-type of lenses. I am “Virtual-shopping” so I can gain more options to consider when I update my current vision Rx. Thanks for sharing options and ideas.

Posted by chasvanblom
Dan MoleI wore contacts for 15 years, a few months ago I had to have medicine induced cataracts removed, and they did lasik at the same time, I am lens FREE!!!! (sans a pair of glasses I need to order to reduce glare while driving), I have always had astigmatism, but it did not get bad enough to need toric lenses until a few years ago.I dont think contacts have changed that much over the last 2 years, but I will say brand and length of wear makes a HUGE difference.
I never had any luck with the kind you keep the same pair for a whole year and clean them with special cleaners. I dont know what they are called. They always irritated the crap out of my eyes.
I had the best luck with acuvue disposables. I was wearing advanced acuvue with hydraclear toric lenses for the last 4 years. They are the kind that you are supposed to throw away every 2 weeks. I slept in them most of the time, taking them out once or twice a week to clean, and could get a month or longer of wear out of each pair. Ive had a couple trial pairs of diff brands over the last year, both made my eyes miserable. And while it may sound dumb, make sure you are taking care of your contacts. Wash your hands before putting them in, dry with a lent free cloth – the pain that comes with a spec of dust you will never ever see is amazing.
Make sure you are putting them in right side up – upside down will cause a lot of pain and irritation, and it took me a LONG time to figure out that was what was happening, and how to make sure it doesnt happen. Another thing that took me a while to figure out is whether or not the lens is damaged. When I first started wearing contacts, i somehow managed to rip nearly every contact I had at some point during its disposable life. Often they would get caught in the lid of the contacts case as I was screwing the lid on.
I dont know how I managed to do it the other times. But a tiny tiny tear that you may not pay attention to or even be able to see will do a number on your eye. And eye drops were always a necessity around high pollen times. On the other hand, some people just cant wear contacts, especially if their eyes are dry and sensitive in the first place. It is also usually handy to have both – that way you can make a decision based on how you feel and your activities for the day.

Are lens cleaners containing Isopropanol used to clean eye glasses safe for cleaning an iPad screen?This question applies for either the spray on type lens cleaner or pre-moistened lens towelettes containing Isopropanol, both used for cleaning eye glasses. The spray on type would be used with non moistened lens towels. Are these safe to clean your iPad screen?

Posted by
Dan MoleYou bet they are. Electronic wipes all contain the same ingredients: distilled water (dilutes and leaves a streak-free finish) and isopropyl alcohol (AKA isopropanol, the active cleaning ingredient). Eyeglass cleaners will work as a substitute as they have the same ingredients.Just be sure you don’t get it in any cracks where it could seep through.

Auto vibrating contact lens cleaner by Miottica Korea

Long Term Care. And – Is It Really Worth Insuring for it?

long term careThe substantial bulk of people wish to age with dignity and control. However, it takes planning, in which long term care preparing needs to be a part of every financial and retirement strategy written today. Record numbers of people are living well into their 80s, 90s, as well as past the age of 100. That translates into even more time to do the things you want to do, to hang around with individuals you like. Nevertheless, it also postures brand-new challenges in funding this longer period of dependency.
In maturing, you change in some familiar ways. Some of those means can quickly be completely unexpected. In your 60s and 70s, tasks and activities that you when carried out consistently or with ease may become progressively hard. And, gradually, you might need a growing number of help with such activities.
You could also experience an unexpected, acute requirement for such help after an incapacitating health problem such as a stroke.Due to a variety of aspects, consisting of years of generous underwriting and the existing, remaining low interest rate environment, the lasting care, or LTC, insurance market discovers itself in the midst of a historical contraction, with both need and the playing field reducing. Keeping policies budget friendly has actually been a challenge.
Amidst all the upheaval many individuals have been saying, is it worth it? And, the reply in general must be yes, as the alternatives are going to be pretty harsh without it. Also, the item is going through something of a testimonial, with numerous modifications bringing brand-new benefits for consumers. If you ever have a long term health problem or a persistent condition, you most likely will need extended care in your home, in an assisted living center or retirement home. Long term care insurance (LTCI) can help cover these expenses, which can be high.
LTCI can assist you to maintain your monetary liberty and offer you the flexibility to take part in choosing the things that affect your care. It means that you get to choose the services you get, where you get them, and who provides the care you require.
Long-term care is varying these days from conventional medical care that tries to treat or cure diseases into a longer period of old age. Long-lasting care helps you keep your present way of life, however it might not improve or remedy your medical troubles. Care could be provided in the house or in a hospice, an adult day care center, a nursing home, or in an assisted-care property.

So Get On Now, and Start Planning!

Are you prepared to begin planning for your future? Let’s get going. Long-term care protection can be an important device in your monetary and retirement planning. Do some research and find out about Long-Term Care coverage, prices and the application process, by using the internet to get comparative prices.Someone with a prolonged physical disease, a handicap or an intellectual impairment such as Alzheimer’s illness commonly requires long-lasting care right  away.
Long term care services could consist of assistance with the daily activities of living, home healthcare, reprieve care, hospice care, grownup day care, care in a retirement home or care in an aided living facility.The level of the expense relies on the quantity and type of care you require and where you get it.The increasing cost of long-term care, coupled with an enhancing range of choices, can make it challenging for families to find the very best, inexpensive care. The calculator below can assist with that process by estimating the expense of lasting care.
Alternatives include expenses for care in a retirement home, helped living center or adult day care, and use of a house health assistant or housewife service.Calculate how much cash you will conserve by the time you anticipate requiring care if you start to reserve a particular amount of money each month starting now. Then, compare this quantity with exactly what the average cost of care in your area is expected to be at the time you prepare for needing care.
Premiums are based on your age at the time of application, so the younger you are when you use, the lower your premium will be.Assist yourself in maintaining your self-respect and your hard-earned cost savings. Have the flexibility and financial security to assist guarantee you receive suitable care.

Questions and Answers

Long-Term Care is designed to cover the expenses of someone in a nursing home. The amount the plan will pay depends on the options selected when purchased.If you or a family member are caring for a loved one and you feel that at some point they may require either home health care or nursing home care I feel LTC is a good idea. However, there are some things you need to consider.1. The size of their estate. If the family member has a small estate it might not be worth the expense for LTC.

LTC is a valuable tool to protect a persons assets from being spent down to provide for care. Because Medicaid requires that you spend down assets, the benefits paid form the LTC policy will protect those assets.2. Amount of divertable income. When a person enters a nursing home facility typically all available income will be diverted to the nursing home to pay for expenses.

LTC can be used and should be used to make up the difference. For example, if the monthly expense is $4,500.00 and you family member has $2,000.00 in income the long-term care policy should provide enough benefit to cover the remaining $2,500.00. Since most companies have a minimum daily benefit of $100 the plan would pay out $3041.00 monthly.

Because the plan will pay out $3,041.00 to the nursing home, it will leave $541.00 a month of her income available for her to spend.By taking their income into account, your not over purchasing coverage.3. Another thing to consider is the facility where you want your family member to stay.

If you have a specific place in mind, talk with the home to determine the cost. Most plans can be purchased with inflation protection that compounds the daily benefit by typically 5% each year. By knowing the cost, it can help you determine the amount of coverage needed.4. Finally, what is their health. LTC policies are not underwritten using mortality (likelihood of death) like life insurance. It is underwritten using morbidity which evaluates the likelihood of disease or disability.

If the family member is ill or have a disabling medical condition, you may not be able to qualify. Also be cautious when applying for coverage if the agent tells you they guarantee it will be issued. Look over and read the application to be sure all medical information is disclosed. Some dishonest agents will omit medical information while completing the application to ensure it will get issued. However, if this occures the company is likely to decline the claim. To be safe, review the application. I hope this helps.

Posted by Kayleigh Hardin…

John Hancock Long Term Care?

Long term care reflexNear 70 percent of people will need long-term care at some point in their lives, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Even if you have done a great task conserving for retirement up until now, you have to prepare for unanticipated occasions that can hinder your future, and the requirement for lasting care is among the costliest of those events.

As an example, if you have to relocate to a retirement home, the average cost annually is over $80,000. A growing number of infant boomers enter their retirement years, there are brand-new financial issues they have to consider as they plan the rest of their lives. One that is frequently ignored is long-lasting care. Almost 70 % of persons over 65 will require some type of long term care, and with 10,000 persons turning 65 every day over the next 19 years, this is ending up being a progressively crucial issue. Medicare may cover some prolonged care expenses however only under particular quite limited conditions.

John Hancock is the name of a company that offers long term care insurance. Providing insurance which is made to assist its policyholders pay for long term care expenses that would otherwise negatively affect your gathered wealth and retirement cost savings. John Hancock offers a variety of choices for long term care policies and they state that they can assist any person pick a product that provides them more selection and self-reliance about when and where to get care from long term care service providers.

So What is Essential When Considering John Hancock Long Term Care?

There are few things more difficult than the need for long-lasting care. Lasting care (LTC) refers to a broad range of clinical, personal, and social services provided to individuals who are unable to look after themselves over a relatively extended period of time. Although many people believe long-term care refers to care in a nursing home, care can likewise be offered at home by house healthcare employees, nurses, or specialists, or in a community-based adult day care center.

The financial difficulties of offering long term care (LTC) can be tremendous for everyone other than the very wealthy. When someone can not care for themselves or perform regular day-to-day activities, healthcare service providers may be needed to aid with jobs such as eating, bathing and dressing. Typically this situation is the outcome of innovative age, however can likewise be required by ailments such as Alzheimer’s illness, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, multiple sclerosis or injury. The expense of long term care can be really pricey and can rapidly affect your retirement savings and the lifestyle of you and your household unless you hold an insurance plan to cover these costs.

John Hancock offers a range of long term care protection options for long term care requirements. In addition there is stated to be even more versatility in their due to the fact that John Hancock also provides choices that enable buyers to customize their LTC policy to fit their needs and budget plan. Chartered in Boston in 1862, John Hancock is today the sixth biggest public life insurance provider on the planet and the 2nd largest in North America with roughly 21,000 staff members in 19 nations and territories. John Hancock’s other main retail products in the U.S. consist of life insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities and shared funds.

There has been some bad promotion connected with this insurance business. In 2012 numerous policyholders seem to have actually been surprised when they received a notice of a very large increase in the yearly premium for their policies. The rise did not appear, depending a number of reports readily available online, to comply with either their sense of fairness or the spirit of the policy. It is not understood exactly how this was resolved, but at the time it appeared regrettable as these individuals were simply wishing to prevent the dreaded result of being older, being alone, and wanting to have readily available to them sufficient financing ought to the discover themselves in need of everyday care that is not covered by Medicare. They know that long-term custodial care, either in the house or in helped living or in a retirement home, is now reported to cost in the area of $7,000 a month, moreover these charges are increasing all the time.

Households throughout the country are confronted with the challenges brought on by the need for long term care, whether it is getting care or offering look after an enjoyed one. The cost of care can be considerable, it can likewise create a difficult house and work environment. The reality is that a serious health problem or accident that requires long term care can happen at any time. You have actually striven to conserve and prepare for retirement, so why not be prepared. Long term care insurance will assist people to live life the method that they choose.

John Hancock is a leading presence in long term care insurance, consistently ranking each year as one of the leading providers across the country. John Hancock services more than 1,000,000 long-term care insurance policyholders and has actually kept its promises, paying even more than $2 billion in lasting care insurance claims. Furthermore, hundreds of corporations have actually chosen John Hancock to provide long term care insurance as part of their worker benefits programs and is among two providers picked to administer the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program for U.S. Federal staff members and their families.

The most crucial element to consider when selecting a long term care insurance company is the company’s monetary strength. Since you may not utilize your protection for 20 or 30 years, you want to choose a company that you feel positive will be there when you require them. John Hancock Financial is a department of Manulife Financial, a leading Canada-based monetary services group with primary operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. Manulife Financial Corporation trades as ‘MFC’ on the TSX, NYSE and PSE, and under ‘945’ on the SEHK. John Hancock supplies long term care insurance created to help those that are insured, pay for long term care expenses that would otherwise detrimentally effect upon their gathered wealth and retirement cost savings.

If you secure a policy you will qualify for benefits when a licensed health care professional certifies that, due to a protected condition, you rely in at least two of six Significant Activities of Daily Living (SADLs) or you are cognitively impaired. A John Hancock patient advocate will confirm this information. To alleviate some of the stress of this experience, John Hancock mentions that they are dedicated to making their claims process as clear as possible. When the time comes that the insured individual needs to go into long term care, the insured will only need to complete and return the required forms, and all eligible insurance policy holders will get payment.

Questions and Answers

I a long term care policy worth keeping when your are very financially strapped?I got this thing because I had congestive heart failure HF at an early age. I was scared and had a specialty insurance broker find a suitable policy for me. I took some doing. That was over 20 years ago. I am early 60’s now. Heart is stable. Am very financially strapped and this policy costs me a great deal of money. It is from a company in Canada that calls itself John Hancock. But the real JH died a long time ago. This company is, ahem, “named in John Hancock’s honor.” It may be a good policy. I tend not to trust insurance. My broker, a nice guy, says it worth gold. Don’t drop it. But how do I know this company would ever come through for me in an honest, reliable way if I needed. Meanwhile it is burning up $3000 a year that I would well use to live. Any advice, especially from financial people and insurance professionals?
Of course it is NOT REALLY JOHN HANCOCK. John Hancock does not exist anymore. A Canadian company borrowed the name because the name has a good reputation.
I found that out AFTER I bought the polics thinking it was really the original John Hancock.

Posted by Cinnamon
Dan Mole Ok. First of all, Manulife didn’t “buy the name,” they bought the whole company. So, yes John Hancock exists and operates much in the same fashion that it did prior to the merger just 10 years ago. And, if you bought your policy 20 years ago, then you bought the policy long before they even demutualized and long before the merger. Also, your policy doesn’t change because of the merger.They’re a good company, so if you qualify for a claim you wouldn’t need to worry. More often than not, people don’t get paid from insurance when they expect to because they don’t understand what they bought. To answer your question, which is more important than the merger and the brand name, you’ll need to focus on the important information. I would think what you would need to consider is 1) If you bought the policy now, it’d probably easily cost you twice as much and 2) if you can’t afford it, then the purpose of the insurance, which is to protect your assets, might not exist. You should meet with someone you trust to examine your situation.
Best Long Term Care Insurance Companies?

Posted by Jonathan
Dan MoleA lot of questions about LTC huh Jonathan?John Hancock and Genworth control the largest shares of the market (John Hancock alone is almost 50%). Those would be the better of the options. Other ones would be MetLife and maybe TransAmerica. Those would be considered the top LTC insurance providers nationwide.John Hancock typically has the cheaper rates than the other companies, and they offer heavy discounts. Contact a local broker to help you with it since LTC is complicated and not typically something that anybody can do on their own.
Long-Term Care Insurance?My wife and I are 66 and in good health but considering long term health care insurance. Our broker has got us a couple of quotes, one from John Hancock and one from Auto-Insurance Life; Any words of wisdom on what to look for or avoid would be most welcome.

Posted by Jeremy W
Dan MoleMake sure it covers in home care..sometimes you can remain @ home with help, which is much better than going to a nursing home. Easier on you and your family. 66 and good health, now is the ideal time to buy, before something unforeseen happens and you would not be accepted..I also think AARP may have a plan.…

Why Refer To AARP Long Term Care Insurance Info?

AARP long term- are insuranceThe American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a significant player in the insurance industry and collects $400 million a year in charges for lending its name to numerous personal insurance policies, including lasting care insurance.
Just like all insurance and monetary products you are thinking about, it is well worth the time to read as much as you can and ask questions about both the benefits and drawbacks.
If you ever have a long term ailment or a persistent condition, you might need prolonged care in the house, in an assisted living center or nursing home.
Long term care insurance (LTCI) is the policy which you would claim against and it could assist with covering these expenses, which can be steep.
LTCI can assist you keep your monetary flexibility and give you the flexibility to take part in making choices that influence your care – about the services you get, where you get them and who offers the care you need.
The AARP group:
“makes referrals for looking for healthcare alternatives, and has done since 1958. However, these are mainly limited to add-on strategies, although they have directly provided supplemental insurance for Medicare and Medicaid. Since 1997, certain services have been contracted under the Options Program. These consist of individual health insurance, dental and vision cost savings, and extended care in addition to price cuts on prescribed and nonprescription (OTC) drugs. OTC discount rates consist of vitamins, creams, and other items that promote senior wellness.”  –
The words “long-term care” refers to the help that individuals with persistent diseases, impairments or other conditions need each day over a prolonged time period. The type of aid needed can range from support with basic activities (such as bathing, dressing and consuming) to experienced care that’s supplied by nurses, therapists or other specialists.The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance does not offer insurance.
If you would such as specifics about policies you can either complete our easy online questionnaire and we’ll have a designated expert provide you with no-obligation details to discover members in your area.
It’s vital to begin thinking about long-lasting care insurance when you are still able to “health qualify”.
Insurers provide people who are in good health, discount rates on their premium that are locked in.
So, even when your wellness modifications, and of course everybody’s health does change, you’ll still delight in the savings. More importantly, you will have locked in your insurability. If you wait too long, and a wellness condition emerges that makes you uninsurable, it will be late to begin a policy.
Each insurance company sets their own acceptable wellness requirements so that is a fantastic a reason for you not to delay, and to start by speaking to a long-lasting care insurance broker professional who has access to several insurance business so that he can get a quote while the best of them are still ready for you. Advised AARP Long Term Care Insurance policies will help you to preserve your self-respect and your hard-earned cost savings if you need long term healthcare. Such policies have the versatility and monetary security to assist ensure you receive appropriate care.
Genworth is an insurance company in this market, which could be able to offer the options you need to help develop a customized strategy that can make it easier for you to help protect and secure a healthy monetary future.
If you ever have a long term health problem or a persistent condition, you may need prolonged care in the house, in an assisted living property or nursing home. Long term care insurance (LTCI) might assist cover these expenses, which can be high.
LTCI can assist you preserve your financial flexibility and provide you the flexibility to participate in choosing that influence your care– about the services you get, where you get them and who offers the care you require.

Clouds On The Horizon

We discovered the following statement online:
“At this time there are NO long term care insurance coverage backed by AARP. We can supply quotes for the companies that were previously supporteded.
The last company backed by AARP was Genworth Financial. Prior to backing Genworth, AARP supporteded MetLife, John Hancock, and Prudential long term care insurance.” .
“The market is changing fast because of concerns over earnings, states Mike Skiens, chairman of the National Long-Term Care Network trade group. It’s getting harder to find LTC policies that offer lifetime advantages, leaving policies that offer just numerous years of protection”.
LTC policies are created to assist individuals who no longer have the ability to carry out the daily activities required to live independently. Their troubles might be because of aging, health problem or disabilities. LTC has strong appeal to individuals who are trying to protect their successors and estate from the draining costs of a long and significant disease.
Care covered by LTC policies typically isn’t covered by Medicare, which concentrates on rehab and short-term services. Medicaid doesn’t kick in until you’ve used the majority of your properties. Here’s more about lasting care insurance essentials.
Public policy interest in long-term care insurance has gradually enhanced in feedback to the increasing costs of in-home and institutional care.
Presently two-thirds of all retirement home residents are supported through Medicaid with less than 3 % of total nursing home expenses paid by long term care insurance. With the enhanced costs of long term care in institutional, community and in-home settings, public policy analysts are worried about how households will pay the expenses of long term care without spending down assets to get public assistance.
Regrettably many adults are uninformed that the expenses of personal support services which long-lasting health care services are not covered by Medicare or other medical insurance policies.
Recently Congress passed legislation to establish group long term care insurance strategies for federal workers. The federally supported statewide medical insurance details, therapy and assistance programs for older adults now consist of info about long term care insurance coverage also.

Questions and Answers

I am on long term disability. I am experiencing problems getting health insurance. Any ideas??I cannot get medicaid because I make too much money. I cannot draw medicare for two years. My major problem is prescription coverage. At this point I don’t care about hospital coverage. I have COPD so I have a lot of medications that I have to take to stay alive. Any help is greatly appreciated. AARP turned me down because I am on disability. I am 60 years old.

Posted by Katetrinity
Dan MoleMy mother had COPD, so I know a little bit about what you’re going through. You might want to try NeedyMeds (link below). It’s a site that has a lot of information on discount health care services – including medicine and health care services. Another support site you might be interested in is Bill Horden’s COPD Advocate (link below). There are other, more official support sites, but this one was a little different because of the personal touch it has. Mr. Horden has an article from the Wall Street Journal about possible ways to get help paying for medications. Also, I found the site to be touching – it offers several perspectives on struggling with COPD. I’d also call your state insurance department (link below) and ask them about possibilities. You might qualify for some other state-assisted health insurance program that’s not associated with Medicaid.Your best bet, though, with finding a private insurance solution is to talk with local health insurance agents. They have probably fielded your question before and might represent a health plan that can help you cover the cost of oxygen, drugs, and therapy to improve lung function. Try visiting It’s a Web site that connects state-licensed agents with consumers. There’s no cost to you, and you’re not expected to buy insurance from any of the agents that contact you. It’s a quick and efficient way to find out the answers you need because, chances are, your question will be answered in about two minutes after you start talking with a local agent. You can visit MostChoice here: Http://… Take care. I hope this helps. Barnes @
How do you get a good long term care insurance?I’m 73yrs old and am looking to get long term care insurance, I ‘m still in good health but want to look into it now.

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Dan MoleNeither of the previous posters knows what they’re writing about. If LTC insurance fits into your budget, even very tightly, you have no choice but to get it. There’s a 70%+ probability that you will need care, and it’s likely going to cost in excess of $200,000. If you can afford this out of pocket, you can more easily afford the premiums.Don’t contact a company, and definitely don’t contact AARP. If you have a financial planner or advisor, they will be the best source for a recommendation. LTC plans are extremely complex, and provisions vary greatly between policies. If your advisor is qualified to help you with this, he will; if he is not, he knows where to point you.
How do you feel about AARP?GREAT LETTER TO THE AARPTHE AARP This letter to the AARP says it all. It is a must read regardless of your age. Some people just make sense in what they say. This lady certainly does. Please forward this to everyone on your contact list. This was sent to Mr. Rand who is the Executive Director of AARP Dear Mr. Rand, Recently you sent us a letter encouraging us to renew our lapsed membership in AARP by the requested date. I know it is not what you were looking for, but this is the most honest response I can give you. Our gap in coverage is merely a microscopic symptom of the real problem, a deepening lack of faith.. While we have proudly maintained our membership for several years and have long admired the AARP goals and principles, regrettably, we can no longer endorse it’s abdication of our values. Your letter specifically stated that we can count on AARP to speak up for our rights, yet the voice we hear is not ours. Your offer of being kept up to date on important issues through DIVIDED WE FAIL presents neither an impartial view nor the one we have come to embrace. We do believe that when two parties agree all the time on everything presented to them, one is probably not necessary. But, when the opinions and long term goals are diametrically opposed, the divorce is imminent. This is the philosophy which spawned our 200 years of government. Once upon a time, we looked forward to being part of the senior demographic. We also looked to AARP to provide certain benefits and give our voice a power we could not possibly hope to achieve on our own. AARP gave us a sense of belonging which we no longer enjoy. The Socialist politics practiced by the Obama administration and empowered by AARP serves only to raise the blood pressure my medical insurance strives to contain. Clearly a conflict of interest there! We do not understand the AARP posture, feel greatly betrayed by the guiding forces whom we expected to map out our senior years and leave your ranks with a great sense of regret. We mitigate that disappointment with the relief of knowing that we are not contributing to the problem anymore by renewing our membership There are numerous other organizations which offer discounts without threatening our way of life or offending our sensibilities. This Presidential Administration scares the living daylights out of us. Not just for ourselves, but for our proud and bloodstained heritage, but even more importantly for our children and grandchildren. Washington has rendered Soylent Green a prophetic cautionary tale rather than a nonfiction scare tactic I have never in my life endorsed any militant or radical groups, yet now I find myself listening to them. I don’t have to agree with them to appreciate the fear which birthed their existence. Their borderline insanity presents little more than a balance to the voice of the Socialist Mindset in power. Perhaps I became American by a great stroke of luck in some cosmic uterine lottery, but in my adulthood I CHOOSE to embrace it and nurture the freedoms it represents as well as the responsibilities it requires. Your website generously offers us the opportunity to receive all communication in Spanish. ARE YOU KIDDING??? Someone has broken into our ‘house’, invaded our home without our invitation or consent. The President has insisted we keep the perpetrator in comfort and learn the perp language so we can communicate our reluctant welcome to them. I DON’T choose to welcome them. I DON’T choose to support them.. I DON’T choose to educate them. I DON’T choose to medicate them, pay for their food or clothing. American home invaders get arrested. Please explain to me why foreign lawbreakers can enjoy privileges on American soil that Americans do not get? Why do some immigrants have to play the game to be welcomed and others only have to break & enter to be welcomed? We travel for a living. Walt hauls horses all over this great country, averaging over 10,000 miles a month when he is out there. He meets more people than a politician on caffeine overdose. Of all the many good folks he enjoyed on this last 10,000 miles, this trip yielded only ONE supporter of the current administration One of us is out of touch with mainstream America. Since our poll is conducted without funding, I have more faith in it than one which is power driven. We have decided to forward this to everyone on our mailing list, and will encourage them to do the same. With several hundred in my address book, I have every faith that the eventual exponential factor will make a credible statement to you.. I am disappointed as hell. I am scared as hell. I am MAD as hell, and I’m NOT gonna take it anymore! Walt & Cyndy Miller Farms Equine Transport.

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Dan MoleWalt & Cindy are expressing what the majority of Americans are feeling at the present time. AARP has lost millions in membership by supporting the Obamacare. Senior citizens do have a right to be angry because they will get less care under the gov’t run health care plan. Ezekiel Emanuel (brother is Rahm Emanuel Obama’s White House Chief of staff) is a special advisor to Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Budget & Management to run the health care reform efforts.Here are a few quotes from Ezekiel Emanuel about seniors & special needs individuals. Emanuel believe that “communitarianism should guide the decisions on who gets care. Medical care should be reserved for the NON-DISABLED, not given to those who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens…and example of not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia.” 1 Emanuel said “Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is NOT invidious discrimination. Every person lives through different life stages rather than being a single age. Even a 25yr old receive priority over 65 year old, everyone who is 65 yrs old now was previously 25 years old.”…

Best long term care insuranceSo you want to know the best long term care insurance? That is not an easy question to answer, but, we will endeavor to do our best.
There are many top-rated insurance companies that provide affordable, but quality long-term insurance coverage. The key is finding an experienced full-time broker (or financial planner) that will help you compare your best options. We suggest that you search online for reputable companies in your area.Your budget, your present health record, and other factors, will be taken into consideration when you apply.
Part-time employees, don’t expect to be able to resolve your best choice from radio talks, tv commercial, or media coverage such sources and persons can not provide the detailed expert guidance that you will need. When purchasing long-term care insurance protection, it is important to make certain that the insurance company you select is both committed to the marketplace as well as being financially sound.
The best long term care insurance companies will have been listed and deemed by the industry-wide Association as leading long-term care insurance companies committed to the marketplace. For that reason you should visit your national body for long term care insurance providers. Request from them a designated long term care insurance list which only includes professionals working with the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

There Is No One Best Long Term Care Insurance – It Varies According to Your Circumstances and Needs

Your goal is to find through your broker, the insurance companies that are providing the most current and objective information to help you make the smartest decisions.

We suggest that you visit the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, which in fact does not sell insurance. On that site look for information or actual cost quotes from a leading expert licensed for your state complete their simple questionnaire.

Choosing the Best Long Term Care Insurance

First, most people just consider companies that have been rated “A++”, which means they are of the highest financial strength. It also means that they will be less likely to raise their rates after a few years, and they will cover you for either in-home care, nursing home care, or assisted living. The Best Age To Start Buying Long Term Care Insurance The prime age to buy is late 50s to early 60s.

So if you have aging parents, talk to them about it. It has been said that about one out of three consumers who call the offices of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance are frustrated. They want to buy protection. They even met with an agent and applied. But they were turned down by the insurance company.

The reason in most cases is that they are simply beyond the age when they will be able to make an adequate payment. That’s why we are keen to be sharing the following information about the best age to apply. So that this does not happen to you.

For families dealing with the need to provide long term care for a loved one, the financial impact and emotional strain can be significant. Long term care is necessary when illness, injury or age prevent a person from managing daily tasks like eating, dressing, bathing and transferring. The cost of such care can be high and may in the region of $90,000 anually for a private room at a nursing home. But the emotional stress on families can be equally difficult as preferences for the type and location of care may not match with the family’s ability to pay.

This is where long term care insurance companies can help cover the cost of care and reduce the emotional burden by providing insurance products specifically for long term care.

“When families work with long term care insurance companies to establish a plan, they can take steps to protect their financial future and the lifestyle they want to provide for their loved ones. And when families face the difficult choices around care for an ailing relative, long term care insurance companies can help provide more control over where and when to receive assistance and the type of care to be provided.” – States the John Hancock web page.


Long-term care (LTC) insurance is important coverage that provides valuable support and financial resources that help cover the cost of long-term care you might need in the event of an illness, accident, or through the normal effects of aging. By helping to protect your assets, and giving you choice and control over where you receive care, including the possibility that it may be in your home, LTC insurance helps you and your family face the future with confidence. The best long term health insurance can best be found through a trusted broker and these can be found through the links provided within this article.

Questions and Answers

What is the best long term care insurance?

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Dan MoleThe kind that’s in force when you need to pay for long-term care.But, seriously folks…. Long-term care insurance is not an “off-the-shelf” commodity. To get the best coverage, you need to do a lot of homework and become an informed consumer on the subject. 1) Take the time to go online and get resources for your research. A good place to start is your state department of health website. Virtually all states have a section on issues involving the elderly where you will find information about late-life health problems and paying for care. 2) Order whatever free information you find there or copy and paste it to a Word file and save it in a folder that you create for “Long-term Care”. 3) After familiarizing yourself with the landscape, contact several nursing facilities and a couple of home care agencies in the location where the insured is likely to retire. Ask them about average costs and what insurance companies they like to work with…and ones that they don’t. 3) Find a competent long-term care agent, preferably one that has taken advanced coursework and is experienced in long-term care PLANNING, not just insurance. Make sure that s/he is an independent agent and can represent several highly rated insurance carriers that have long-time experience in the long-term care market. Examples: John Hancock, MetLife, Genworth (formerly GE) and Prudential. Every carrier designs their coverage a little different from the other, so it’s hard to compare apples-to-apples. The lowest premium is not always the best choice for your particular situation. The rest is up to you. Make your choice of contract design and insurance company based on sound research and a clear understanding of what the insured needs. This coverage isn’t cheap. But, the annual premium may be a lot less that even one month’s cost for home or facility care. Everyone over 45 should be seriously considering this type of insurance – both for themselves, or their parents.
Cancer 12 years ago, no recurrence, is that a disqualification for long-term care insurance?Family member had cervical cancer in about 1997, was treated and had no recurrences. Someone who works on legal issues for elderly indicated that long-term care insurers will blackball anyone who ever had serious cancer, even though risk is not above average now. Is that true? Or will some deny her and others raise rates? This has nothing to do with health insurance, just long-term care insurance.Thank you, Houyhnhnm.

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Dan MoleIt is challenging to qualify for Long Term Care Insurance. I believe some companies would deny her while others might consider her, however some carriers may write an exclusion to the care. The insurer will look at all factors, including, but not limited to, current health, age, smoker vs. Non-smoker, medications, etc. For example, if she smokes, she would probably get denied, as smoking is a higher risk for the cancer to come back. With that being said, a “yes”, or “no” answer to your question would be short sided. Other complications can occur as the result of Cervical Cancer and could have long lasting effects that show up later in life, depending on her severity of cancer. Also, what her follow has been with testing and did she complete everything the Dr. Recommended for further testing. I would suggest getting with a Retirement Planner that knows the world of Long Term Care Insurance and understands what carriers might be more lenient in this area. In addition, I would work with a planner that would present your family members case to the insurance carrier prior to filling out an application and going through the underwriting process, only to get denied. You don’t want a “denial of coverage” on your MIB, or Medical Information Bureau, particularly with Long Term Care Insurance and assuredly that would make getting Long Term Care near impossible. I sold Long Term Care for a top company and they literally denied 50% of my applicants, which wasn’t bad considering they deny 65% of all applicants. I was cautious in my field underwriting, however it always seemed like there were surprises. Make sure your family member is completely honest and upfront about all her medical ailments, otherwise you will be wasting her time and the planners time.
What’s the difference between Long-Term Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance?I’m 25, which one should I get, if any?

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Dan MoleLong-term disability insurance covers you if you’re unable to work. There’s different definitions of long-term disabled. For the first 2 years, it’s usually the “own occ” rule (own occupation), meaning you are covered only if you’re unable to work in the occupation you have skills/education for. After 2 years, it’s usually the “any occ” rule (any occupation), which means you have to be unable to work in any occupation. This is also based on your skills/education, so working at fast food place when you’ve got an undergrad degree won’t stop the coverage. There’s usually a long wait time until LTD plans kick in (6 months on average), but short-term should be covering you through that. LTD plans will usually only reimburse for 60-66.7% of your pay, up to a certain amount each month. Depends on the plan you get!Long-term care is for nursing home care primarily. At 25, you should worry about LTD insurance over the long-term care.
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Questions and Answers

Australian health care system?I read in another answer on here that Australia has governement run healthcare along with government run hospitals, but if you opt for private insurance you can go to private hospitals. If you do purchase your own insurance, do you still have to pay taxes for medicare? Does there tend to be significantly different waiting periods between private and gvt funded? Or really any main differences in quality?

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Dan MoleThe government adds 2% to personal income tax if you earn up to $80,000 if you do not have private insurance. Above $80,000 they add another 2%. The government health insurance does not cover the total cost of treatment all the time. Some doctors ‘bulk bill’ which means they only charge the patient the amount that they would get back from the government, while other charge more so patients may have to pay up to $15 for a visit to the doctor. Welfare recipients are always bulk billed. There are waiting period in hospitals but I don’t know much about that. I think it depends on the nature of the illness as much as anything. My daughter has private insurance and is going to the doctor today for treatment and is not sure how she is going to pay the additional costs, so private insurance does not cover everything. I’m on the government insurance scheme and pay my 4%. I rarely get sick though. In the past 40 years I’ve only been to hospital for broken bones and most GPs now deal with it in their offices.I really don’t think that there is any difference in quality of treatment, most practitioners do their best no matter what.

The conservatives here have been trying to get rid of the government health fund for years and they are currently trying again, but it allows lower income earners to obtain decent medical treatment as well as the wealthy. Quite frankly, I can’t understand the objections to it in the US. Good health care is a human right that is available to most people in the developed world.

Should the united states have a national health care system?Im writing a paper for economics and i need help asap!

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Dan MoleAbsolutely. We cannot afford to be spending 17% of GDP on total health care expenditures without becoming a nation that is unable to compete with other nations that do not have an employer based health care insurance system.There would be no shortage of medicines. Treatments, rehabilitation and med-flights under a national health care system. Instead, sick people would have normalized single physician care, which is the single greatest predictor of superior health care. One doctor (or medical group) who knows you inside and out because he or she treats you on a regular basis. And people who previously were only treated when they were acutely ill and showed up in ERs at a cost to taxpayers of millions of dollars per day nationwide, would be admitted to hospitals for treatment and medical procedures just like you and I would saving some billions of of dollars annually. They would also have regular discounted access to medications, which would also save some billions of dollars.

This would not result in physician shortages, at least not necessarily. It would require more nurse practitioners to assist in the evaluation of patients, but that would free up more physicians for diagnosis and treatment of patients more efficiently and at a lower cost since the office staff would now have a greater proportion of individuals providing direct health care and fewer “supporting” the efforts of primary health care providers.

Lastly, most critics overlook the fact that in this time of communicable disease and epidemics those who do not have access to regular health care become the most likely carriers of communicable diseases and epidemics. As better vaccines and more effective drugs lead to better medical treatments it is imperative that these medicines and treatments reach these potential carriers and cut down the transmission of diseases. That alone will result in enormous savings in terms of costs and health outcomes year after year after year.

There are many excellent reasons to favor a national health care system over employer based health insurance coverage. It will result in better health outcomes more broadly and it will also save billions that would can be saved, invested, spent or used for debt reduction by Americans, in addition to making American businesses more competitive in the global marketplace in which they are forced to compete against foreign businesses that enjoy a significantly lower cost structure.

The critics are wrong. They fear change even though it is quite evident that the free market can never deliver high quality health care to everyone while the cost of that limited coverage will continue to grow beyond the ability of individuals and businesses and state, local and federal governments to afford health insurance coverage that becomes more expensive and less comprehensive every year while our foreign competitors are not similarly inhibited.

Good luck with your paper.

How much damage would total collapse of Americas health care system do ?

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Dan MoleSometimes things need to collapse to re-emerge stronger and better than before.We already have a collapse of our health care system, it’s a system where those who can afford it have good coverage and those who can’t suffer.

Bonfire of the Professions: Prospects for Global Health …

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Planning for long term care insuranceLong term care insurance policies compensate policyholders a daily amount (up to a pre-selected limit) for services to assist them with activities of everyday living such as bathing, dressing, or eating. You can select a range of care choices and advantages that allow you to get the services you require, where you need them.

It is essential to plan ahead for long term care insurance. If you are in poor health or already receiving long-lasting care services, you might not get long-term care insurance as many specific policies require clinical underwriting.

Sometimes when applicants make late arrangement, you could have the ability to purchase no more than a restricted quantity of protection, or coverage at a greater “non-standard” rate. Some group policies do not require underwriting.

Plan Your Strategy Ahead for Long Term Care Insurance and Your Dignity

If you ever have a long term disease or a chronic condition, you could require extended care at home, in a helped living property or nursing home. Long term care insurance (LTCI) might assist cover these expenses, which can be high. LTCI can help you maintain your financial liberty and give you the versatility to participate in choosing that affect your care. It is all about the services you will receive, where you get them, and who provides the care you will need.

To view this on YouTube go to this Long Term Care Insurance Video

There are a range of reasons why long term care insurance is the ideal selection in many circumstances. The ability to maintain your quality of life and manage your situations in the event you require long term care is essential. For lots of people, long term care insurance could allow the security and self-reliance that is desired. Long term care insurance will assist preserve your self-respect and your hard-earned cost savings. It can give you the flexibility and monetary security to assist guarantee you get suitable care. Search for a policy which supplies the options you need, to assist you create a customized plan to make it simpler for you to assist shield and safeguard a healthy monetary future. Expenses build up rapidly when you can no more take care of yourself and your requirements surpass exactly what family and friends can offer. Retirement home, assisted-living centers and house care all are pricey, and there is no telling for how long you might require the service. Getting a long-term-care insurance policy, for many individuals, can be a way of making sure your future physical needs will be met. Policies developed in collaboration with state governments likewise give individuals and their families a means to safeguard cost savings in the event of have to finanace care expenses that are needed to pay for many years. Critics, nevertheless, say insurers are utilizing scare strategies to sell their items, which feature a hefty cost. For lots of people, these critics state, long-term-care policies are either unnecessary or expense more than their advantages are worth. They believe that a wonderful lots of people would be much better off essentially self-insuring or counting on government-funded programs. Someone with an extended physical health problem, a handicap or an intellectual disability such as Alzheimer’s disease commonly needs lasting care. Long-term care services might include help with day-to-day activities, house health care, respite care, hospice care, adult day care, care in a retirement home or care in a helped living center.

Long Term Care Protection Costs

The cost depends upon the amount and type of care you require and where you get it. In 2001, the nationwide typical expense of nursing home care was $56,000 annually, helped living facilities reported $22,476 annually and home care costs ranged from $12,000 to $16,000 each year, but that cost has increased considerably because. On another website we found the following estimate: “For example, typically, nursing facilities providing competent care charge $150 to $300 per day that is more than $80,000 a year. Even custodial home care at 3 check outs weekly can cost more than $9,000 a year. Many LTC insurance policies will cover only a certain dollar amount for each day you invest in a nursing facility or for each home-care browse through. Hence, when thinking about an LTC insurance policy, checked out the policies carefully and compare the advantages to figure out which policy will best fulfill your very own needs. To keep the cost down as far as possible LTC insurance is one choice lots of people opt to supply monetary protection only when they can no more perform one of the most fundamental functions of everyday activity. Seek out the very best independent recommendations online, and use the products you discover as a device to learn about long term care insurance and choose whether it’s ideal for you. Always remember to deal with a certified insurance company and/or representative when researching and buying any sort of protection.

Sources of Information About Long Term Care Policies

For people, the Internal Revenue Service thinks about tax-qualified long-lasting care premiums a clinical expenditure. To what degree that will conserve your money on your taxes mainly depends on your age and exactly how you earn a living.

If you work for another person and detail your reductions, you can deduct your long-lasting care premiums under clinical costs on Schedule A. However, because the long-term care insurance part is capped by age and because only the portion of your overall clinical expenses that goes beyond 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income is deductible, few old people realize a full reduction on their long-term care premium. The average cost of remaining in a nursing home for a year is in between $55,000 and $170,000, relying on where you live. For that reason, a concern that always comes up is: Should I buy lasting care insurance? Private long-term care insurance can help you prepare your financial resources for the future, however experts alert that you have to make sure when selecting a policy, due to the fact that unscrupulous insurers might attempt to make the most of your situation. To that point, it’s important to examine your options completely and request for referrals from people you know and trust.

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