Anti static lens imageIt is worth buying a lens cleaner which is also described to be an “anti static” lens cleaner . Anti fog lens cleaners also have anti-static characteristics and the technology has been proven to work in the most extreme conditions including during Mt. Everest and Antarctica expeditions, and when put to military use on night vision goggles. In general, it is possible to find “anti static” lens cleaners (like the LenPre lens cleaner) which are suitable for use on any plastic or glass surfaces, including polycarbonate lenses with special coatings including anti-scratch, polarized and anti-reflective coatings, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Anti Static Lens Cleaner is All About Electrical Charge

Anti static” lens cleaners leave a tiny residue after they have been used to clean a lens, on the surface of the lens. The effect of those molecules is to dissipate the build-up of a static charge which occurs when a surface is very clean. The static charge, if allowed to be present after cleaning with any non anti-static lens cleaner, tends to attract the dirt molecules in the air (for example from smoking or minor air pollution/ the air in our homes and workplaces) onto the lens surface. Anti-static treated lenses don’t hold enough static electrical charge to attract dirt from the air onto their surfaces, and that means that they stay cleaner for longer. Often, they stay clean for a lot longer.

Anti static lens cleaner can be bought which work great on everything from safety glasses, helmet visors, computer screens, TV’s, to Ipads, Iphones, jewelry, horse tack, scopes, and binoculars, and much more

Anti Static Lens Cleaners – Summary

Anti static lens cleaner helps get ride of the static which attracts dusts and debris on lens.

With the prices of commodities rising all the time, preserving what we have has become more important than ever before. Paying attention to ensuring that anti-static lens cleaners are used in your home helps us to ensure that we are all taking adequate care of our personal things in the appropriate manner without wasting precious money, so ensuring that we don’t have to replace our lenses often is important. Using anti-static lens cleaner is in-line with that principle.

If you are getting constant dirty disk errors from a DVD you own, what do you have to loose, give Anti Static Lens Cleaners a try. There are products available which clean and prevent glass or plastic from fogging, attracting dust and small particulates to the treated surfaces. In addition, some manufacturers inclue a gel which fills in minor scratches.

If you are getting constant dirty DVD disk errors, what do you have to lose? Give cleaning with anti-static lens cleaner a try! The majority of the drives will not really be dirty, there will be another problem, and cleaning them will not fix the problem, because old DVD drives are prone to getting out of adjustment or the lazer just getting weak. However, if your DVD drive/ player is constantly in a smoke filled environment, cleaning may be the answer.

Questions and Answers

How can i clean the lense of my PS2?

Posted by Beersch

Dan MoleHttp://…

PS2 Laser Cleaning Instructions with Dry Clean Cloth and Windex

Cleaning the lens also applies to Play Station and other laser lenses

You may or may not need to replace your laser lens because most the time it just needs cleaning. Those CD Lens cleaners do not work that well, they just get off the dust (I have used the Air Can method and it just gets the dust off, but if if you have smut on the lens then try these instructions). You need to open up the cover then take off the DVD cover (4 small Philips screws, if you use the Flip Top Cover then you are in luck as the lens can be cleaned by simply opening the flip top cover). Then clean it with Eye Glasses Cleaning Fluid or Cloth is best and if you don’t have that then Windex or something that will not leave streaks (Don’t use soap) and use a clean cloth that will not leave fibers. A facial tissue will leave fibers but you can still use facial tissue, you just have to inspect it afterwards with a Magnifying lens and make sure there are no fibers or other smut on the lens. No matter what you use, check it with a Magnifying lens afterwards and keep wiping it clean until it is clear. Then if that does not work, then the lens either needs adjustment, and if adjustment doesn’t work then it needs replacement. I had a PS2 version 4, that everybody told me I needed a new lens because it could read every disc. It could read the originals and backups except for my GameShark disc. I opened it up and looked at the lens and it was totally full of smut. That is why it is best to get a CDROM cleaning kit like we well for $4.95 of $6 when you buy our DVD&Cleaning Kit combos, or I found easier is these cleaning cloths that I sell that are anti static and don’t leave fibers. Most time you just need to wipe off the disc each time before you play them unless it has smut then you need to use a CDROM cleaning kit (we sell those also). Recordable backup disc especially need cleaning, for some reason they pick up smut and dust easier then the originals. If it is just dust then the Air Can’s work well.

Always grip the disc with your fingers by the sides or the center hub and never touch the surface. Don’t leave the discs out to collect dust, always put them back in the jewel case, or library case when you are done with them. Don’t set things on top of them.

Although the lens can read through scratches, it may not be able to read though deep scratches. If you have any CD, DVD, whether it be a DATA, Audio or Play Station we may be able to repair it for you by buffing out the scratches. In most cases it will work but is not a 100% guarantee that we can repair the disc. Just mail us the disc(s) along with $3 for each disc and $4.95 USPS Priority Shipping and Handling and we will repair the disc(s). If the disc(s) can not be repaired we will refund the $3 for each disc(s) that can not be repaired. You can also pay by credit card, just put the name of the cardholder, the credit card number and expiration date along with your name and address to ship the disc(s) back too. Mail to:

Saveware, 339 Harlem Ave Dept 103, Glenview IL 60025

P.S. If you are concerned about loss or damage in transit then add Insurance and send $1 extra and we will also send back insured. Make sure you note that with the letter you send us.

Can i use a pre moitened lens cleaning wipe to clean a game disc? Its anti static anti fog?

Posted by Jeremy

Dan MoleMaybe. Would know better if I knew what “pre moitened” was.

How to clean a camera lens?I have a cannon rebel that I got from ebay and the lens is dirty, I orderd a cleaning kit, but it looks like a pen, one side is a brush and I have no idea what the other side does it looks like flat rubber but when i ran across a piece of paper it left a black trail? How do i use this thing or what can I use around the house to get these smudges off?

Posted by kelli c

Dan MoleI use to sell Cameras I now operate broadcast cameras and really all you need is an anti static cleaning cloth (microfibre) you can pick them up at either your local supermarket / grocery food store or electronic or car stores.

Wii Lens Cleaning Kit Saved My Wii!

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