DVD-lens-cleanerYou do need to clean CDs and DVD discs up from time to time, and you should do that by wiping both sides carefully with a clean cloth (preferably a microfiber type as the are the most effective to use).

If a simple wiping does not sure the problem, there may still be dirt present or the shiny surface may be too scratched for the DVD playing device to read it. If there is persistent dirt this is usually visible and can be removed using either a lens cleaning solution (a fluid which the manufacturer supplies for that purpose).

Sometimes, the DVD will continue to lock-up or act weirdly (we have one which kept losing the sound!).

When this happens, and the DVD disc is clean and not visibly damaged, it is time to consider that the DVD playing device may be causing the problem, and clean that.

Using a DVD Lens Cleaner

The basic technology is the same between the DVD (or CD) drive in your computer, and a DVD Player which plays videos on your TV etc., and this may be the cause of a DVD which won’t play back properly without causing problems.

Let’s lump all types of DVD playing devices together and call them DVD drives for the purpose of this article. The fact is that a DVD drive in a DVD player, PC or a Laptop or anything else, also has a lens which focuses an intense laser light beam on to the surface of the DVD to read the data on it.

If the lens gets dirty, it will at first just affect the performance of the drive but eventually as more dirt accumulates it will cause problems. (A lens is simply an optical device which transmits and refracts light, converging or diverging the beam.)

DVD lens cleaners, often found for sale where you buy DVDs, are used as a DIY method to clean the lens in a DVD drive.

They comprise a disk that contains some type of a bristled brush which cleans across the laser assembly, wiping the dust off the lens. Simply insert the DVD lens cleaning disk and use it as if it was a DVD (or CD) disc.

They are worth trying if you have persistent problems, but many say that they not very reliable and a poor quality, or dirty, one could tend to do more damage than good. A DVD lens cleaner usually has micro-fibre bristles.

DVD Problem Troubleshooting

If you are getting random freezing on DVDs, and it may not be occurring every time, the problem is most likely a slightly damaged DVD disc. This is quite common with hire disc, and we have seen it with Netflix discs.

As player get older they may be more prone to this, but cleaning the lens may help and is generally worth trying. The lazer lamp itself may also fail, but if it is the laser the DVD drive probably won’t read the disc at all, and will not recognize that a disc has been inserted. A DVD lens cleaner system, which costs around $15.

Regular cleaning of DVD discs is important because dust in the air, and the everyday handling of DVDs, can create buildup on the side of the discs where data is stored. This buildup can transfer from the discs to the recorder or player’s optical laser lens causing data errors, skipping and other problems. The best DVD Lens Cleaners provide step-by-step interactive instructions with intuitive on-screen menus that walk you through the cleaning process. Simply insert these types of DVD lens cleaner disc into the device, select “Lens Cleaner” from the on-screen menu, and in a few seconds the screen displays “Cleaning is Complete”.

The cleaning process is simple and fast. Summary A worn or dirty DVD (or CD) disc can cause these random issues with movie playback freezing, so always clean the disc you are using first if this happens. If this does not solve the problem the disc itself may be physically damaged so look in the light to see if the disc is scratched.

It is usually the disc which is dmaged, but it is possible the problem is from a dirty DVD drive lens. Regular cleaning of your DVD player’s lens with a cleaning disc should ensure optimum performance of your equipment. It is indeed important to keep a DVD player optical laser lens clean and dust free from dust, debris and other contaminants.

Very Important: DVD drive lens cleaners are only meant to clean the lens of players where the lens is not dead. If the lens of your DVD playback device is dead you will have to get the lens replaced at a service station.

Maintaining and properly caring for your DVD player is essential if you want to extend the life of the device. A DVD lens cleaner system, which costs around $15, is one way to care for your DVD player.

Questions and Answers

Can i use a CD lens cleaner in a DVD writer ?Please elaborate on the details of it n Why ?

Posted by cool_fool
Dan MoleOf course yes you can because the DVD writer has a lens in reading such CDs. Even other machines that uses lens can also be cleaned. (i.e. Dvd player, etc.). It is much safer to use a CD/DVD cleaner than touching the lens using cotton.

How does a DVD lens cleaner work?I see pics of these things but never used one,they look similar to the ‘wet’ type VHS cleaning tape that had a bottle of cleaning fluid that you squeezed a couple of drops onto a tape and insert and play for 15 seconds,does the DVD cleaner work the same? How would you apply cleaning fluid to a disk, that doesnt seem to make sense it would just run off wouldn’t it as the disk has a smooth surface?

Posted by Full Metal Rooster
Dan MoleEvery lens cleaner has this small brush glued into it which would act as a cleaner as it swipes the dust off your lens.That’s basically how it works. Just don’t use it that often though. It may also damage your player.

DVD player lens cleaner?The same way as DVD player needs cleanup with a lens cleaner, do we need to clean the DVD drive in our computer?

Posted by bintu
Dan MoleYes you do need to clean it up from time to time. The basic technology is the same between a dvd drive and a dvd player. The dvd drive in your computer ( a PC or a Laptop ) also has a lens , which focuses intense laser on to the surface of a DVD. If the lens gets dirtied up , it will always affect the performance of the drive . Be it a DVD player of a DVD rom drive in your computer.In short, its better if you clean the lens using a quality lens cleaner from time to time. Hope that helped.

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