Homemade leans cleanerEyeglasses are a significant monetary investment. It is not a good idea to use any fabric that may be lying around, or any cleaning solution, to clean smears from your eyeglass lenses, or any other lenses for that matter.

Think about just how much it would cost to replace them, and you will concur that you would not wish to take a chance on scraping or in any other way harming your lenses.

Is Using a Homemade Lens Cleaner Really Such a Good Idea?

Proprietary lens cleaners are far more pricey than lens cleaning fluids you can make quickly in the house, however they are less time consuming. Making your very own homemade lens cleaner is easy, a lot of people do make their own.

The ingredients needed to make a homemade lens cleaner fluid are typically easily offered in your own kitchen. However, we do not advise that you make and utilize them, after all how can you make sure that they will not harm your lenses?

It is an unassailable fact that lenses have to be cleaned routinely, even though eyeglasses could appear unblemished to the naked eye, they will get unclean and they do need frequent cleaning daily. Dust bits and general pollutants from the air around us develop on eyeglasses, and all other kinds of lenses all the time. Though these things could not always show up, they still affect your vision / the lenses capability to carry out at its best. Keeping your eyeglasses correctly cleaned will help you see better and help to avoid headaches that can be set off by eye strain. Industrial eyeglass cleaners cost a variety of various prices, but they typically consist of comparable ingredients.

Typical family rubbing alcohol and water will make your very own solution that will rival any store-bought brand. However, do ensure the spray bottle is clean prior to you begin. Even if you have bought the container brand-new, put in the time to clean it in hot, soapy water, and wash it well. Keeping your DVD (or CD) player’s laser lens clean is important, but you might question exactly what the distinction is in the myriad of lens cleaning CD’s available today.

Ensuring that you will not harm your gadget through the use of such an item is priority top. It is not typically possible to make your own DVD (or CD) cleaner in your home. The use of an anti-reflective finish, or AR, on optical devices has actually become progressively popular, but makers and professionals encourage against the use of cleaning them with lens cleaners which contain ammonia. A lot of prescribed eyeglasses and sunglasses now have anti reflective coatings applied, and so do lots of screens. Take care about this if you use a homemade lens cleaner.

Questions and Answers

How can i maintain a contact lens ?

Posted by bala m
Dan MoleMaintain a contact lens : 1. Listen to your doctor and follow his or her directions about cleaning your lens properly. 2. Never use saliva as a means to lubricate your lenses. Never use saliva at any time on your lens. Your mouth can carry germs that can damage your eye. 3. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. Keep perfumed soaps out of the picture. Perfumes are not meant to put in the eye. 4. Cleanse, rinse and disinfect your lenses after you remove them and again before wearing them. It may seem repetitive and unnecessary but it must happen in order to prevent eye damage. 5. Know your products, not all solutions can be mixed nor are all solutions alike. Some solutions are created as multipurpose solutions and can perform most of the necessary steps if they are used as directed. Use only the products your doctor recommends. If something new comes on the market call and check with a physician before you buy and use the product on your contact lens. Do not mix different brands. 6. Sterilization is key. Never use tap water, homemade saline products or distilled water on your contacts. 7. Protect your solutions from contamination. Do not allow the bottle tip to touch another surface including the contact lens itself. If a bottle is outdated (check the label) throw it away. 8. Keep your lens case clean. Get in the habit of cleaning, rinsing and air-drying your case after you put in your contacts. Bacteria growth can occur in the case and attach it self to the lens and your hands. Never re-use left over solutions that have been used previously in the case. Be safe and always clean, rinse and air-dry the case. Use warm water to accomplish this. 9. Disposable lenses should be thrown away as directed. Do not attempt to clean and disinfect them in order to re-use them. Disposables are not meant or designed for re-use. 10. Consult your eye doctor if you feel the need to use eye drops. He or she can recommend the proper brand. Do not diagnose your self.
Can I store my contacts in EXPIRED but UNOPENED “Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops (eye drops) Solution?I’m in a bit of an odd situation. I am in a 3rd world country that doesn’t have 24/7 places to buy lens solution, etc. So I had to wear disposable contacts today, and I don’t have a case nor any solution to store them in. But I found an unopened bottle of eye drops. Can I store my lens in 2 plastic cups covered in wrap, with these eye drops as a substitute for contact lens solution? Any quick and helpful response is MUCH appreciated!!

Posted by Hebrews 10:35-39
Dan MoleNo, Blink N Clean is a rewetting eye drop, should only be used with contact lens on the eyes when contacts feel dry. NEVER store soft contact lenses in water (of any kinds) or homemade saline. You must use a contact lens solution (such as Optifree) because such solution has the disinfectant to kill miro-organisms such bacteria, fungi,that are often associate with contact lens wear. Water won’t disinfect the lens! Avoid the use of water with soft contact lens, you can get a very bad eye infection (acanthomeba), very difficult to treat, and you can end up losing vision permanently.
Dropped contact lens on floor at school rinsed it with water?I rinsed the contact with tap water for like 10 seconds about 1 day ago because i did not have any solution at school with me.. And now my eye that it feel out of hurts like hell is it possible it can be an infection in it? And the other eye is fine just the eye that the contact fell out hurts :/ Umm Monthlys and how do i look for a tear or rip.

Posted by ♥Crew Love♥
Dan MoleWater is not intended to clean up your contact lenses from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Worst is water may contain these elements or encourage such biodiversity.What could have happen if you wash your contacts with water?Your contacts create a thin biofilm, which is a breeding ground for microbial communities. Bio roots from the word life. Water is beneficial to life but not all life forms benefits us. It means that your contacts will encourage more bacteria and fungi. Think of your contacts as playground for bacteria.The most threatening water life form is an amoeba called Acanthamoeba. This bacteria is present everywhere. It can be found in water whether tap, oceans, lakes, distilled and chlorinated. It is also found everywhere on your nasal passage (without causing harm to you), on air, and soil. And it definitely loves dirty contact lenses! Acanthamoeba keratitis is a disease caused by this amoeba. You will need several corneal transplants to salvage your eye from total blindness. If you’re not lucky, it can make your eyeball rot. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6ZEHUg2b… Acanthamoeba Video More than 90% of people afflicted with Acanthamoeba keratitis are contact lenses user. People who washed their contacts in water and who used homemade saline solution. Or people who refused to be responsible with their contacts. So if you happen to be at the most obscure location and you forgot to bring your saline solution, you better find a pharmacy or throw them away. Remove your lenses before bathing or swimming. You can obtain prescription goggles as a substitute. Also keep a handy wet facial tissue if you cannot avoid washing your face in a public washroom.

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