Make certain you use your contacts as prescribed. Do not wear them for longer compared to they are designed for, and ensure that you comply with washing instructions for best results. For prolonged wear lenses surface protein build up can be troublesome and consequently lenses should be cleansed often with the proper eye-wash solution.
It is practically an everyday incident that something ends up getting into our eyes. Possibly we put on spectacles, sunglasses, call lenses, or perhaps we get tired and wipe our eyes a whole lot.
No matter the reason for it happening it is essential to look after your contact lenses. As an example, if you are putting on contact lenses everyday and you do not persevere with regularly cleansing the lens prior to putting it into your eye, you could experience continuous irritation throughout the day.
So it is ideally advised to consistently have an extra container of washing solution on your person for the times that you need it while out. Before you try to place contact lenses into your eye, you must take care to clean you hands and the lenses.
To wash a lens, just position it in the hand of you left hand. Squirt a little contact lens cleaning solution onto it and swirl it around with your forefinger. Then put the contact lens onto your appropriate forefinger, dump the solution in your palm into a hollow shape you make, and you prepared to to do the cleaning. Just washing your contact lenses in water is not reckoned to be enough to keep eye infections in check.
Experts advise decontaminating the lenses to avoid any eye issues. An appropriate disinfectant can be used to remove almost all kinds of germs and this lowers your opportunities of eye infection. On top of that, during the night time, you need to clean your fingers and completely dry them with a tidy towel or tissue paper. Tissue is recommended because is most likely to be cleaner compared to a towel.
When cleansing and decontaminating your contact lenses, to make use of already used “stale” solution for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses is a complete no-no. It is essential to utilize fresh lens cleaner when making use of cleansing and cleaning remedies. If you think that you merely should take care of contact lenses to cut back the chances of eye infection, you are missing out on something.
It will help you deal with the contact lens case too. Almost always the germs responsible for eye virus stay in the contact lens surface lens. Do not make the blunder of washing your contact lens case with tap water. Consistently wash the case with a sterile contact lens solution alone.
Keep that in mind whenever you wear the contacts, that they must be washed prior to all occasions that they are placed in the eyes. Besides, you should also take care that you do not use them for a long period of time.
Not all lens cleaning solutions are suitable for use with contact lenses so always read what it says on the the packet before using it.

Questions and Answers

I cant find Lens plus contact cleaning solution ?This is what i am looking for Http://…i cant find that any wheres it just disapeared if any body knows were i can buy it online please tell me THANKS.
Posted by Robert L
Dan MoleI have searched all over too and it’s the only solution that I can use. I would like to know as well – have they quit making it? Thanks!

Is it okay to use disc cleaning solution on a blu-ray lens?I need to fix my PS3, but I cannot find any lens cleaning solution in any store. Left with not many other options, I might try to clean the lens with a lens cleaning solution. Is this safe? No my Ps3 is out of warranty. And I mean the liquid you use do clean scratched or dirty discs that don’t work anymore.

Posted by Solid S
Dan MoleIf you mean the things where you put a “cleaning” disc in there and it supposedly cleans the lens, avoid that. You don’t want something spinning and touching the lens at the same time, that can scratch it.If your ps3 is still under warranty, the lens won’t need cleaning unless you introduced foreign material. If it’s not under warranty, buy a Torx screwdriver, find an online step-by-step manual for disassembly of the ps3, then open the BD drive and clean the lens with a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

Substitute for Contact Lens Cleaning solution….?I am currently out of USA, and ran out of my contact lens cleaner( opti-free) solution. Believe it or not , I will have to go 100 miles to get it, but in the meanwhile is there anything I can use to substitute the cleaner so my contacts won`t dry out. Please help….and thanx in advance.

Posted by faisy26
Dan MoleThere is unfortunately no substitute for the lens cleaner solution. I don’t agree with what the previous person had stated as there is no guarantee that the salt that you put in will have good sterility. The other issue is that even if you boil the water there are other chemicals in the water that would not be safe to put in your eye. Also, you have no way of putting the proper amount of salt in the water. If you put too much you will end up damaging your eyes as it will draw water out of your eyes. You will have to stop using contacts, or get new solution.Optometrist.

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