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What are important life skills that everyone should master? And why?

Posted by fasn8moi
Dan MoleLife skills…that is, knowing how to get along with other people, how to cooperate, how to contribute positively to society.

Successful completion of major life tasks:

1. Self: Decide and become the best kind of human being you can be.

2. Love: Positive Belonging to those closest to you (parents, siblings, partner, children) by Affection, Attention, Approval, Control, Fairness, and Help; Sex/intimacy/marriage/parenting

3. Community: Positive participation in your various communities: family, neighborhood, town, nation, world

4. Work: That what you do for a living is also something that builds up and helps the community, including volunteer activities

5. The World: Find your place in the world, decide that it’s a good place to be in, work to keep it healthy

6. Mystery/Limits: Decide where you stand in terms of major limits on your life (aging, illness, handicaps, death), how much uncertainty you can tolerate, and your spiritual self.

And that’s just a start… — Dr. Bob.

Important Skill for life?What is a very important skill to be successful in your life?

Posted by audrius
Dan MoleEight Important Life Skills

First Four Critical Life Skills

1. Respect for Yourself – If you do not have respect for yourself, then nothing else matters. Having respect for yourself means that you can view yourself from a number of different angles, and by viewing yourself in these different angles, you will be capable of having a greater awareness of who you are, and you will also be able to become the person you want to be. When you can take a step back and understand how you cause certain events to occur in your life, you will have the ability to control your life at will.

2. Having a Full Attention Span – We live in a day and age where it is hard to concentrate and focus our attention on one thing. If you can develop the ability to put your entire being into anything you’re doing, you will become skilled at everything you do, and you will enjoy the beauty of every moment. Not only will your business relationships improve, but so will your personal relationships as well.

3. Concentration – Concentration and the attention span could be thought of as siblings. To succeed in today’s world, you must learn how to concentrate on the things that matter to you.

Yes, this is easier said than done, since we all have a multitude of distractions, but learning the art of concentration can allow you to succeed in business, academia, or in any other field you choose to enter. To become skilled at concentrating, you must be able to practice, and practice a lot.

4. Memory – Our brains are more powerful than any super computer on the planet, and yet, most of us fail to harness the full potential of our creative capabilities. Our memory is one of the most importact functions or our brains.

The ability to recall important information, as well as committing information to memory, is an important skill that most colleges fail to teach their students.

Four Additional Life Skills that They Won’t Teach You in School

5. Listening – For many of us, the ability to listen has become almost a lost art. We live in a society today were it seems like everyone wants you to listen to them, but few want to listen to you. We all know how frustrating this can be, but being able to listen to others can give you a great deal of power, since people will feel comfortable confiding in you. The first step in becoming a good listener is to listen to your inner being. If you’re a good listener, you will be an excellent spouse, employee, business partner, and parent.

6. Imagination – This is a key life skill which separates the ordinary person from the extraordinary. Graduating from college “will not” give you this skill, no matter how high your GPA is.

Imagination is a skill which allows you to think in new ways, to come up with fresh ideas or to combine two or more distinct ideas which allows you to create entirely new concepts. There is not a single discovery in history of any significance that was made by someone who didn’t use their imagination.

7. Reasoning – Reasoning is connected to the ability to enhance the memory, as well as imagination. Reasoning is directly connected to discernment. If you can learn from any experience, you will immensely develop this skill.

8. Intuition – Intuition is the ability to grasp the truth. A person who is intuitive can draw upon their previous experiences and knowledge in order to solve complex problems. A person who is intuitive also has the ability to make sound decisions.

List & Describe eight life skills?What are the 8 life skills ?

Posted by abbeykins101
Dan MoleNot sure about “the” but I`ll list life-skills I`d like to have:
#1} unlimited stamina. I`d love to exercise for hours w/out breaking a sweat
#2} lying while keeping a straight face: I’d love to have a politicians ability to lie PUBLICALLY to millions of people while starring them in the face
#3} IQ of that of 10 einsteins: I’d love to amaze people with my big-a$$ brain
#4} ability t9 change my height and body weight at random: I`d love to be able to make myself big or small. I’d be AWESOME!
#5} artistic: I’d like to not only have good taste in art, but be able to produce it myself. Both in drawing & in music.
#6} problem-solving: I’d love to beable to fix everyones problems. ESPECIALLY the economys
#7} power punch: I’d love to have a punch with a P.S.i. So big I’d pack a punch harder than everclear+redbull!
#8} flying: I have dream higher than the empire state building. But flying beats them all!.

SpeedGame 2013 – Christian Developers Network

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