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Australian health care system?I read in another answer on here that Australia has governement run healthcare along with government run hospitals, but if you opt for private insurance you can go to private hospitals. If you do purchase your own insurance, do you still have to pay taxes for medicare? Does there tend to be significantly different waiting periods between private and gvt funded? Or really any main differences in quality?

Posted by Emily

Dan MoleThe government adds 2% to personal income tax if you earn up to $80,000 if you do not have private insurance. Above $80,000 they add another 2%. The government health insurance does not cover the total cost of treatment all the time. Some doctors ‘bulk bill’ which means they only charge the patient the amount that they would get back from the government, while other charge more so patients may have to pay up to $15 for a visit to the doctor. Welfare recipients are always bulk billed. There are waiting period in hospitals but I don’t know much about that. I think it depends on the nature of the illness as much as anything. My daughter has private insurance and is going to the doctor today for treatment and is not sure how she is going to pay the additional costs, so private insurance does not cover everything. I’m on the government insurance scheme and pay my 4%. I rarely get sick though. In the past 40 years I’ve only been to hospital for broken bones and most GPs now deal with it in their offices.I really don’t think that there is any difference in quality of treatment, most practitioners do their best no matter what.

The conservatives here have been trying to get rid of the government health fund for years and they are currently trying again, but it allows lower income earners to obtain decent medical treatment as well as the wealthy. Quite frankly, I can’t understand the objections to it in the US. Good health care is a human right that is available to most people in the developed world.

Should the united states have a national health care system?Im writing a paper for economics and i need help asap!

Posted by Not-2-day

Dan MoleAbsolutely. We cannot afford to be spending 17% of GDP on total health care expenditures without becoming a nation that is unable to compete with other nations that do not have an employer based health care insurance system.There would be no shortage of medicines. Treatments, rehabilitation and med-flights under a national health care system. Instead, sick people would have normalized single physician care, which is the single greatest predictor of superior health care. One doctor (or medical group) who knows you inside and out because he or she treats you on a regular basis. And people who previously were only treated when they were acutely ill and showed up in ERs at a cost to taxpayers of millions of dollars per day nationwide, would be admitted to hospitals for treatment and medical procedures just like you and I would saving some billions of of dollars annually. They would also have regular discounted access to medications, which would also save some billions of dollars.

This would not result in physician shortages, at least not necessarily. It would require more nurse practitioners to assist in the evaluation of patients, but that would free up more physicians for diagnosis and treatment of patients more efficiently and at a lower cost since the office staff would now have a greater proportion of individuals providing direct health care and fewer “supporting” the efforts of primary health care providers.

Lastly, most critics overlook the fact that in this time of communicable disease and epidemics those who do not have access to regular health care become the most likely carriers of communicable diseases and epidemics. As better vaccines and more effective drugs lead to better medical treatments it is imperative that these medicines and treatments reach these potential carriers and cut down the transmission of diseases. That alone will result in enormous savings in terms of costs and health outcomes year after year after year.

There are many excellent reasons to favor a national health care system over employer based health insurance coverage. It will result in better health outcomes more broadly and it will also save billions that would can be saved, invested, spent or used for debt reduction by Americans, in addition to making American businesses more competitive in the global marketplace in which they are forced to compete against foreign businesses that enjoy a significantly lower cost structure.

The critics are wrong. They fear change even though it is quite evident that the free market can never deliver high quality health care to everyone while the cost of that limited coverage will continue to grow beyond the ability of individuals and businesses and state, local and federal governments to afford health insurance coverage that becomes more expensive and less comprehensive every year while our foreign competitors are not similarly inhibited.

Good luck with your paper.

How much damage would total collapse of Americas health care system do ?

Posted by DINO

Dan MoleSometimes things need to collapse to re-emerge stronger and better than before.We already have a collapse of our health care system, it’s a system where those who can afford it have good coverage and those who can’t suffer.

Bonfire of the Professions: Prospects for Global Health …

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    Yes, you must be married. If you are buiyng an individual plan in Washington State, there is no cost advantage to having a joint plan anyway. The price is the same whether you enroll in a family plan or two individual plans.

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